The Quickest & Easiest Ways To use Magnets In Your Kitchen

Looking to spruce up your kitchen with new gadgets? Well, we’ve put together our five most handy, practical and convenient magnetic gadgets that will improve your kitchen space. Whether your kitchen is small or large all of our gadgets are guaranteed to provide excellent quality and functionality to your space!


Simple & Safe Magnets Perfect for Your Kids

Looking for a new way to help your child learn and develop outside of the classroom, well magnetic toys may just be the perfect answer, with a range of child safe magnets available for children of all ages find the perfect magnetic toy today!


6 Facts About Magnets That You Need to Know

It’s impossible to escape the unlimited access to information at our fingertips, the constant barrage of information can make it hard to remember everything you’ve learnt, seen or been told. The good news is we have 6 facts about magnets that you don’t know… yet.


The must have Gift Pack for DIYers this Christmas!

Finding the perfect gift to give to someone who would rather make their own can be difficult at times. Our DIY Magnetic Gift Pack is the ideal solution, a must-have gift this Christmas for any tradesmen, DIY enthusiasts or handyman. Each pack includes three tools – all with a magnetic twist! Including an extendable magnetic torch, a magnetic retrieval pen and one Magnet Expert magnetic wristband our DIY gift pack will be the perfect part of your loved one’s next DIY project.


The Ultimate Christmas Gift Pack for Kids

The key to buying the best Christmas gift for a young child is finding toys to stimulate their growing minds, to keep them interested toys must have a sensory or mobility feature to them, the more senses that a toy appeals to, the more learning is going to happen.