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12mm dia x 2mm thick Gold Plated Polarity Magnets - Dimple On North Face - 1.2kg Pull

Conveniently marked with a dimple on their north face, these magnets are ideal for identifying the polarity of other magnets.

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  • £2.48
Product Code: F4MPM
Shape: Disc
Magnetic Face: 12mm dia
Thickness: 2mm
Grade: N42
Plating: Ni-Cu-Ni-Au ( Gold )
Material: NdFeB
Performance (Gauss): 2000
Vertical Pull (Kg): 1.2
Slide Resistance (Kg): 0.24
Max Temp (degrees C): 80
Fixing: Araldite/Loctite
  • Pack of 2
  • 12mm diameter x 2mm thick
  • Each magnet's north and south pole are on opposite 12mm diameter faces
  • Each magnet's north pole is indicated by a dimple on the north face
  • Each magnet can support 1.2kg vertically from the magnetic face when in flush contact with a mild steel surface of equal thickness
  • High-quality gold plating

These magnets are commonly used to identify the polarity of other magnets. As the north pole of these magnets are identified by a dimple it is easy to use the rule that like poles repel and opposite poles attract to determine the polarity of other magnets. Their size makes them easy to handle but so that they aren't so strong that they are difficult to remove from other magnets.

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