Product Reviews for 25mm dia x 20mm thick x 6mm hole Ultra High Performance N52 Neodymium Magnet - 26kg Pull

The World''s strongest Magnet is awesome

"THe World''s strongest Magnet is awesome!!! I had a challenge getting some copper pipe which is non magnetic and delighted my son by showing that it takes 8 seconds for the magnet to appear from the bottom when it''s been dropped in at the top.

July 31, 2013
Excellent service as always....

Excellent service as always....

July 30, 2013
Amazing strength for its size

"Amazing strength for its size, easily picked up a whole bunch of nuts, bolts and washers i dropped from a tin in the garage, in fact i struggled to prise off the washers! I also attached it to some cord and tested its strength by attempting to lift a hea"

July 29, 2013
Hard to Believe!

"A requested Christmas present from my daughter. I was expecting a strong magnet but nothing like this one! It's like something from a comic strip and hard to believe it's real! Every day I try conducting different experiments.

July 29, 2013