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Counterbore Hole Circular Disc Magnets

Counterbored disc magnets, either regular cylindrical magnets or pot magnets, generate an exceptional magnetic pull for the size of the magnet.


The regular cylindrical disc magnets in our range are available with either pole on the counterbored face. They differ from pot magnets as a pot magnet’s steel casing means that all the magnetism is concentrated on its magnetic face. Two neodymium magnets will attract each other at almost twice the force that they attract steel meaning two counterbored disc magnets can be used to create really secure semi-permanent fixings. Alternatively, two with the same pole on the counterbored face can be used to repel when a damping or shock absorbing effect is required. Because of their strength, these magnets are ideal for lifting applications and for the recovery/retrieval of ferrous objects.

Counterbore Hole Magnets

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