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Science & Education Circular Disc Magnets

Magnets make it possible to do many fascinating science experiments at home or in the classroom. Our disc magnet range includes a selection of magnets we think are ideal for science and education including small countersunk magnets, ring magnets and large super-strong neodymium magnets. Although we strongly advise that our super-strong neodymium disc magnets are only suitable for the experienced scientist or engineer.


If you are looking for traditional bar and horseshoe magnets, visit our ‘magnets for science and education section’. Anyone can do a great experiment at home to demonstrate intriguing ‘eddy currents’ using our 25mm diameter ring magnet, unmagnetised ring and a piece of xxmm copper pipe. Simply slide the magnetised ring over the pipe and let it slide down its length and watch it slowly descend as the eddy currents produced create a damping effect. Compare this with our unmagnetised ring of the same dimensions by repeating and watch as the unmagnetised ring slides down the pipe in an instant. A great way to bring magnets to life! Watch the video on this page to see how it works.

Science & Education Magnets