Product Reviews for 10mm dia x 5mm thick x 3.2mm c/sink Neodymium Magnet - 2kg Pull

Stud detection

Ordered these to see if they could detect studs in partition walls. They work perfectly. I inserted a small screw through the hole which makes them easier to handle. I now see that they do make magnets in skittle shape which are possibly even better for the task. With a pack of 10 magnets it took me about 3 mins to identify all the studs in a dividing wall. Expensive electronic detector is still trying!!!

November 13, 2014
Perfect for my intended use

I purchased North and South 10 mm diameter magnets which are predrilled with a 3 mm hole so were perfect for my intended use.

July 30, 2013
Worked Fantastically

These magnets, if there is any doubt, are very strong. They worked fantastically and were perfect for the product I was making in D&T especially with the Counter sink. BEWARE though. If you want these magnets to have the screw heads (for the counter sinks

July 29, 2013