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We are constantly looking at ways to modify our homes, but did you know magnets could help? Whether you’re a beginner or an expert at DIY, our DIY applications and magnets are simple to use and follow. We shall go on a tour around your house and show you how magnets are the solution or tool for your next project! If you need help on an application not covered, contact our experts who will be happy to help! 



Hanging Pictures

Fashion and design changes over time. That's why magnets are the perfect solution for these changes, as they allow you to easily move and change pictures and artwork in an instant. There are various ways to achieve this, but this will depend on the picture size and the surface you are applying the picture to. A common way is screwing our countersunk magnets into the wall and using a disc magnet or steel disc to pin the artwork up. Alternatively try our MagFlex® and FerroFlex® tapes, they allow you to easily apply to the back of frames and walls to hang up around the house!

Space saver hack
Does your kitchen need organising? Our simple hack using adhesive backed magnets and steel discs will keep spice jars and more securely organised in place! View our customers application here. Or why not try organising fridge/cupboards with our magnetic bottle holder, Beverage Buddy? Our magnetic bottle holder sticks to your fridge roofs, shelves or cupboards freeing up space below for the everyday essentials!
Kitchen appliance hack

Have you been meaning to fix that tumble-dryer or oven door that won't stay open? Our simple hack using adhesive backed magnets will securely hold your doors open! Magnets can also be used to fix broken cupboards doors, ensuring they close securely! View application here.



Modify your bathroom

Does your bathroom need some TLC? Our countersunk magnets provide an easy solution keeping your bath panels in place securely. What's more, the panel can be easily removed to access the pipes below! Learn more here.
Storage Hack

Declutter your cupboards and shelves with this simple hack. Simply attach some self-adhesive steel discs to the surface you want to attach the jars to. Then apply some self-adhesive disc magnets to the tops of jars. Leave both discs to set for 24-32 hours before attaching together. Then fill the jars with make up, cotton pads etc. Alternatively, you could use the space rack trip and organise your make up, by making a make up holder.
Fixing your shower door

Does your shower door finally need fixing? Use our MagFlex® tape on your shower door and frame to keep it securely shut, whilst providing a sealant for when the shower is in use! This trick can also be used on your bathroom cabinets! Learn more here.



Tool organising

Does your shed need some organisation? Our countersunk or pot magnets are the perfect solution for organising your tools, whilst saving space at the same time! Simple screw them into your wall, from there you can hang hammers, screw drivers, pillars etc.
Securing your garden gate

Does your garden get need securing? Our countersunk magnets are a great solution for a secure and discreet hold for keeping your gate closed securely. This can also be used on your shed doors or on children's outdoor houses. Learn more here



Our range of DIY and workshop magnets provide the perfect solution for completing projects around your home. Explore our range of magnets below to get started!


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