® 0845 519 4701 www.first4magnets.com 0845 519 4701 www.first4magnets.com INDUSTRIAL 2 3 Electromagnets (energise-to-hold magnets) are also commonly known as solenoids and we have a wide range available to suit any application, with sizes ranging from 12mm to 203mm, and pull strengths from 1.8kg to 907kg. These electro-holding magnets, as their name suggests, become magnetised when an electric current is applied. This magnetic field then completely disappears when the power is switched off. Every magnet is supplied pre- wired for attaching to a power source (not supplied). If you require advice on the application of electromagnets, please contact our technical sales team on sales@magnetexpert.com or call 0845 519 4701. CustomManufacturing If you require a custom size or strength electromagnet, we can custommanufacture to suit your requirements. For any further information regarding custommanufacturing, contact our sales team today to discuss your specifications. ENERGISE TO HOLD Circular Electromagnets Our circular electromagnets are available in diameter from12.7mm to 152.4mm, and have pull strengths from1.8kg to 454kg. These electromagnets havemounting holes from3.5mm to 10mm to suit your assembly requirements. Circular electromagnets provide great versatility for working on a variety of surface sizes. Thesemagnets are connected through either a 12VDC or 24VDC current and are supplied with approximately 200mmof wiring for application. Rectangular Electromagnets Our rectangular electromagnets are available in sizes from63.5mmx 38.1mm to 203.2mmx 101.6mm, and have pull strengths from91kg to 907kg to suit a wide range of applications. Thesemagnets are connected through either a 12VDC, 24VDC or 110VDC current and are supplied with approximately 200mmof wiring for application. Threaded holes for mounting are located on the rear of the electromagnet and range from5mm to 10mm.