® 0845 519 4701 www.first4magnets.com 0845 519 4701 www.first4magnets.com INDUSTRIAL 8 9 This range is available in circular shape and are available in diameter from17mm to 100mm, and have pull strengths from2kg to 150kg. These electromagnets havemounting holes from3mm to 8mm to suit your assembly requirements. Circular electromagnets provide great versatility for working on a variety of surface sizes. Thesemagnets are connected through either a 6VDC or 24VDC current. ADVANTAGES Energy Efficient The electromagnet is permanently magnetised, electricity is only required to release/turn the electromagnet off. SecureHold Energise to releasemagnets aremagnetised until a power source is applied, they have an extremely secure hold with themaximumpull being 150kg! Easyon-off operation Energise to Release Electromagnets are easy to operate, and can be easily turned off when connected to a power source. If you are then looking to turn the Electromagnet back on, simply turn off or remove the power source. APPLICATIONS - Door security lockingmechanisms - Fire door holding - Medical devices - Pick and place equipment The functionality of these are slightly different to our other electromagnets as they work in the opposite way. Energise to release or electropermanent magnets are always “on” when no current is applied. When an electric current is applied, the magnet turns off. If you require advice on the application of electromagnets, please contact our technical sales teamon sales@magnetexpert.com or call 0845 519 4701. ENERGISE TO RELEASE SHOPNOW SHOPNOW SHOPNOW EM1720M3ETR Circular Electromagnet 17mmdia x 20mm thick M3 Mounting Hole 2kg Pull 6V DC / 6.8W EM3530M6ETR Circular Electromagnet 35mmdia x 30mm thick M6 Mounting Hole 10kg Pull 24V DC/ 11W EM4030M6ETR Circular Electromagnet 40mmdia x 30mm thick M6 Mounting Hole 16kg Pull 24V DC/ 18W SHOPNOW SHOPNOW SHOPNOW EM5030M6ETR Circular Electromagnet 50mmdia x 30mm thick M6 Mounting Hole 40kg Pull 24V DC / 100W EM6045M5ETR Circular Electromagnet 60mmx 45mm thick M5 Mounting Hole 60kg Pull 24V DC / 36W EM8050M8ETR Circular Electromagnet 80mmx 50mm thick M8 Mounting Hole 80kg Pull 24V DC/ 40W SHOPNOW EM10060M8ETR Circular Electromagnet 100mmx 60mm thick M8 Mounting Hole 150kg Pull 24V DC/ 55W