Electromagnets are also commonly known as solenoids and we have a wide range available to suit any application, with sizes ranging from 12mm to 203mm, and pull strengths from 1.8kg to 907kg. These energise to hold electromagnets, as their name suggests, become magnetised when an electric current is applied. This provides a secure magnetic hold leading to efficient performance for many automated and lifting applications. This magnetic field is removed once the power is switched off. All of our energise to hold electromagnets are supplied pre-wired for attaching to a power source (not supplied).


Energise to release or electropermanent magnets are always “on” when there is no current is applied. When an electric current is applied, the electromagnet instantly turns off. This range is available in circular shape and are available in diameter from 17mm to 100mm, with pull strengths from 2kg to 150kg. These electromagnets have mounting holes from 3mm to 8mm to suit your assembly requirements. Circular electromagnets provide great versatility for working on a variety of surface sizes. These magnets are connected through either a 6VDC or 24VDC current.


If you require a custom size or strength energise to hold or release electromagnet, we can custom manufacture to suit your requirements. For any further information regarding custom manufacturing, contact our sales team today to discuss your specifications.

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The above diagram shows a basic construction of an electromagnet. Wire is wound into a coil around an iron core.

As you can see from the diagram above, when the electromagnet is connected to a power source, the circuit closes and a magnetic field is produced.


Assembling electromagnets should only be carried out a qualified electrician. Each electromagnet is supplied with approximately 200mm of wiring, which will need to be connected to a direct current (DC) power source.

Black - Earth Wire

Brown - No. 1 + Wire

Blue - No. 2 – Wire


The diagram above demonstrates when there is no current applied there is a magnetic field. 

Once a current is applied, it stops the external magnetic field and creates an internal closed circuit. This is why the lines of magnetism are confined to within the edges on the second diagram. The electromagnet is now turned off.


High Clamping Force

Electromagnets provide considerable clamping force to ensure secure holding whilst in operation. The strong nickel plating aids with maintaining performance in demanding applications without being damaged.

Easy On-Off Operation

Electromagnets are versatile in that they can be easily turned on and off due to the requirement of a current needing to be applied for the electromagnet to operate. This versatility increases energy efficiency as handling times are significantly reduced.

Remote Operation

As electromagnets perform through a current, they can be operated remotely ensuring maximum safety and reducing operational risk.

Versatile Mounting

With multiple mounting sizes available, electromagnets can easily be used with many assembly arrangements for a wide range of applications.


Energy Efficient

The electromagnet is permanently magnetised, electricity is only required to release/turn the electromagnet off. 

Secure Hold

Energise to release magnets are magnetised until a power source is applied, they have an extremely secure hold with the maximum pull being 150kg!

On-Off Operation

Energise to Release Electromagnets are easy to operate, and can be easily turned off when connected to a power source. If you are then looking to turn the Electromagnet back on, simply turn off or remove the power source.


Electromagnets are used in a variety of industry applications such as, fire and security doors or any door and hatch mechanisms for access control, machine guards in automated assembly lines, robotics and are great for moving and lifting ferrous material.








Magnet Expert Ltd does not accept liability for damage caused by the improper handling of these magnets. These magnets  generate a very strong magnetic field when connected to a live power supply, and if handled incorrectly can be dangerous.



Always ensure that the power supply is turned off when handling these magnets. When energised, these magnets will attract with a surprising amount of power to a steel surface.



Electromagnets are not toys and are not suitable for children. Do not allow children to handle these magnets.


These magnets require wiring to a 12VDC or 24VDC power supply in order to generate a magnetic field and should only be installed by a competent person. If the magnets are incorrectly installed, there is a risk of electrocution, which could be fatal. Before installing the enclosed electromagnet always ensure that the power source is turned off. Once installed, always test the magnet in a safe environment before using it in its intended application. The enclosed electromagnet is an energise-to-hold magnet and only generates a magnetic field when a live current is applied. If there is any interruption to the power supply the magnet will release from the surface it is attracted to.



Keep operational magnets away from heart pacemakers. The operation of a heart pacemaker will be affected by the close proximity of a magnet. Magnetic fields can set a pacemaker working in a way that is not suitable for the user and that might affect their health.


If you require advice or clarification on the right electromagnet for your application, please contact our technical sales team on 0845 519 4701 |