With Father’s Day just around the corner we here at FIRST4MAGNETS want to help you to find the perfect gift for the father figure in your life. Make a change from the regular gifts this year and pick an extraordinary gift from our range of magnetic products!

Even if your father isn’t a magnet enthusiast, we are sure to have the ideal gift for them, from the dads obsessed with DIY to those into sport and even the dads who live in their garage or shed we have a great gift for them. So if your looking for some gift inspiration this fathers day then look no further. 

Magnet Fishing Kit

With lockdown restrictions being eased, many people will be looking to get out and take up new hobbies and see new places – if you think your father could use a new pastime then our magnet fishing kit could be the perfect gift this Father’s Day.

Magnet fishing is continuously growing in popularity and our kit is perfect for beginners who are looking to start magnet fishing. Our durable watertight, hard-shell carrying case includes all you need for a magnet fishing trip.

The premium carry case with foam inserts to hold your kit securely and safely. The kit includes a pair of cut resistant waterproof gloves, a bag for collecting findings and ferrous debris, a strong dual braid fishing rope with carabiner fixing, thread locking glue and finally one of our high-power neodymium magnets.


Beverage Buddy

We all know dad’s like to kick back and relax sometimes so why not get your dad their newest drinking partner, the Beverage Buddy.

Your dad can impress his friends and the rest of your family as he can store 6 of his favourite bottled beverages with super strong neodymium magnets.

The bottle holder can be applied to fridge roofs, shelves, and cupboards by revealing the self-adhesive strips and applying it to a dry clean surface. After a 12-hour cure time you can store your items proudly, while freeing up space below for other essentials.


Magnetic Bottle Opener

Our Push and Pop Magnetic bottle opener is the perfect gadget to go alongside our Beverage Buddy.

The push and pop magnetic bottle opener easily remove caps from any bottle by simply placing the bottle opener on top of the bottle and pushing down and the cap will be removed and secured allowing for easy disposal.

Our bottle opener is also a great aid for individuals who struggle to operate a traditional bottle opener, with it's simple push to open mechanism. Are you a collector of bottle caps, or like crafts? Our bottle opener is also a great tool for crafters and bottle cap collectors as our mechanism allows for bottle caps to be taken off without being bent!


Magnetic Knife Rack

Our magnetic knife racks can be utilised both in and out of the kitchen, if your dad is a fine cook then this gift could be perfect in helping them displaying their finest knives and create more space on their kitchen counter.

However, if your father prefers his work bench over the kitchen counter then the magnetic knife rack allows them to neatly and proudly organise and display their tools whist decluttering their workspace.


Magnet Expert Magnetic Wristband

Our Magnet Expert Magnetic Wristband could provides you with an extra pair of hands by holding a variety of objects such as nails, screws, and even handheld tools.

The one size fits all lightweight design allows the wristband to be worn throughout your working day and really is the perfect accessory for any DIY enthusiast or tradesman who could use an extra pair of hands and is available in a variety of colours.


Mountable Magnetic Shelf

Our magnetically mountable steel shelves are the perfect gift for any father who loves spending time in their shed or garage doing some sort of DIY or project.

The heavy-duty steel provides a secure hold of tools and metals items, while also providing easy access. The shelf is an ideal accessory as additional storage on ferrous surfaces such as steel toolboxes or chests.

So, if your father is great with their hands but could use some help with their organisation skills then the magnetically mountable steel shelf would be the ideal Father’s Day present.