Lifting Magnets

® 0845 519 4701 0845 519 4701 HEAVY LIFTING 2 3 An efficient substitution to slings, chains, or hooks, the Magnet Expert hand controlled lifting magnet range gives users quick and easy movement of steel and ferrous parts. Ideal for efficiently loading and unloading steel parts onto milling and CNC machining centres. They require no power supply and their ultra powerful rare earth Neodymiummagnets ensure the maximum performance possible from their small size. Each magnet features a switching handle, which locks safely in place to prevent accidental release of the load. Simply turn the switching handle through 90 degrees to turn on and engage the magnet. Press the release switch and turn the handle back though 90 degrees to switch it off. Switchable lifting magnets are widely used as hoist devices in factories, docks, warehouses and transportation industries. SWL - Safe Working Load OVERVIEW Magnet Expert’s range of permanent lifting magnets use manually switchable magnetic technology, with no electricity required, and are tested to hold three times their Safe Working Load. EASY TO USE SINGLE PERSON USE SINGLE PERSON USE ZERO RUNNING COSTS LIFT 100 LIFT 300 LIFT 1000 LIFT 600 LIFT 2000 Size (LxWxD) 137 x 62 x 66 (mm) SWL 100kg Test Pull 350kg Size (LxWxD) 199 x 90 x 95 (mm) SWL 300kg Test Pull 1050kg Size (LxWxD) 303 x 150 x 140 (mm) SWL 1000kg Test Pull 3500kg Size (LxWxD) 263x115x107 (mm) SWL 600kg Test Pull 2100kg Size (LxWxD) 394x175x170 (mm) SWL 2000kg Test Pull 7000kg