Magnetic Chucks

® 0845 519 4701 0845 519 4701 SECURE CLAMPING 2 3 EFFICIENT AND VERSATILE CHUCKS FOR A VARIETY OF WORK PIECES Magnetic Chucks by Magnet Expert Ltd provide versatile clamping for milling, turning, grinding and drilling applications. Available in circular and rectangular sizes, and both standard and fine pitch poles, we have a wide range of magnetic chucks available to use with a variety of work piece thickness’s and shapes. Fine pole pitch chucks are suitable for small and thin work pieces less than 3mm thick. Standard pole pitch chucks effectively clamp all work pieces above 3mm thick. ACCURACY AND SAFETY All chucks are designed with a parallel pitch top plate, allowing for multiple work pieces to be used at once. The magnetic force is spread across the whole face of the top plate, ensuring high accuracy and safety, whilst preventing distortions in the work piece when using. REDUCTION IN OPERATION TIMES AND COSTS The advantages of using permanent magnetic chucks over traditional work holding machinery is that operation times and costs are considerably reduced, leading to an increase in efficiency and output. No electricity is required for the operation of permanent magnetic chucks, so there is less machine downtime between work piece set-ups, and operation can be carried out even in the event of a power failure. VERSATILE AND RELIABLE OPERATION Our magnetic chucks are easy to operate and are highly reliable due to their permanent magnetism, ensuring consistent clamping at all times. Whilst clamped, all 5 faces of the work piece can be accessed within one set up, providing increased working versatility. FINE POLE Up to 3mm thick STANDARD POLE Above 3mm thick AVAILABLE CHUCK POLES