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Magnetic Plaster


What is magnetic plaster?

Magnetic plaster is the latest innovation in interior and workspace design, providing ultimate flexibility and using the power of magnets to create interactive spaces at home or in the office. It's perfect for creating a picture gallery without hooks or nails or for organising the home office without the confines of a noticeboard. Kids love it too and it can be used to create their own interactive space in a bedroom or play room. On a grander scale it can help creative teams such as designers and architects collaborate and present their work to their colleagues and clients. Watch the video to find out more.

How to apply magnetic plaster

Magnetic plaster can be applied to any wall, just like regular finish coat plaster. The main difference between regular plaster and magnetic plaster is that magnetic plaster should be applied at a minimum of 3mm thick. Once thoroughly dry, your choice of paint can be applied. No special tools are required, but we always advise seeking the help of a professional plasterer.

Quick steps:

  • 1
    If plastering straight on to new plasterboard, ensure all joints are prefilled and reinforced using plasterers joint tape.
  • 2
    Apply a first coat of 2mm thickness and after 10-15 minutes flatten with a spatula.
  • 3
    After 20-30minutes, apply a second coat 1mm thick.
  • 4
    Leave a further 10 minutes then apply a thin finish coat. Do not polish.
  • 5
    Watch the video for more information, or download the data sheet.

What can I hang on magnetic plaster?

Magnetic plaster is best used for hanging light to medium weight items that you would normally hang using small pins, tacks or nails - prints, pictures, clocks and small mirrors can all be hung easily. As you can see in the video, heavier items like bookshelves and even TV's have been hung on the plaster, but this requires a careful arrangement of magnets to achieve. If you require advice, please give one of our technical advisors a call on 0845 5194701.

Got a question not answered, check out our FAQs or contact a member of our team on 0845 5194701 today.


Picture gallery

Play room

Home office

Magnetic blackboard

iPad mounting

“The Magnetic Plaster is a complete game changer, especially from a design perspective. Having a magnetic wall opens up the possibilities for so many spaces, making gallery walls a doddle, simple to update and expand, giving children’s bedroom and playrooms a constant source of interactive play, no need for picture hooks, panel pins or drills, just grab some magnets and you’re away.”

Karen Knox, Making Spaces Interior Design

“I was so excited when the magnetic wall was finished, I couldn’t wait to get arranging. I knew from the start I wanted this to not be covered in random office paperwork, instead I wanted a space to collect ideas and inspirations. As a lifestyle and travel writer it is great to be reminded, when I am deep in picture editing and writing, that the world is still out there."
“First4Magnets were so helpful and recommended exactly the products I needed to match the look of my room. I chose brushed chrome skittle pot magnets and a selection pack for magnetic walls, including magnets in all sizes and magnetic tape. I really enjoyed using the tape to create my own magnets using maps and art prints. The Blackboard Paint from first4magnets creates a really dramatic backdrop, as well as another layer of arty fun!”

Penny Alexander, A Residence (Wayfair) blog


Magnetically mounted noticeboard

Conference room

Presentation space


Which magnets should I use?

This depends on what it is you are trying to hold. If you are looking to hang something lightweight like photos or posters, then our range of magnets for noticeboards are ideal, or small self-adhesive magnets can be stuck to the back of the item you are looking to hang. If you are looking to hold picture frames or similar items then our high-powered magnetic sheet or magnetic tape should be sufficient. For heavier items, our rubber-coated pot magnets are the best solution as the rubber increases the slide resistance of the magnet. If the item you want to hang is sliding down the wall then adding pieces of our flexible A5 neodymium magnetic sheet will increase the friction between the item and the wall.
*Neodymium magnets are not suitable for children. ALWAYS keep out of reach of children

Thistle Magnetic Plaster by British Gypsum

25kg bag (5sqm coverage)
With this finish coat plaster and just a few magnets you can turn an entire wall into a fully interactive surface, avoiding putting holes in your wall with nails, screws and pins. Designed for creativity, it is perfect for the home, office or classroom.
£75.87 exc. VAT