Magnets provide endless possibilities, and whilst relatively small in nature, they provide the opportunity for big ideas. Magnets can provide the perfect solution when it comes to model making and crafting, both of which have seen a spike over the last 18 months.

With more people turning their hand to crafting and model making we have seen an increase of customers contacting us and showing exactly how our range of magnets can be used in several different projects.

With crafting and model making on the rise we are thrilled to have been able to work with Jo, one half of The Restoration Couple and PokeTheBear, a Warhammer Painter and Player, to create various fantastic applications. 


Magnetic bag closure

If you’re looking to create a hidden fastening on your craft projects our Stitch In PVC Coated ‘Quick Change’ Textile Magnets are the ideal solution. Designed for textiles, these strong magnets are encased in a thin plastic film, allowing them to be stitched in place, to create a quick-change clasp. These nifty magnets can be separated with a firm pull and will refasten when moved close together.


Magnet on sewing machine

This quick and easy to install magnet is the ideal holder for your scissors, spare sewing needles and any other small metal objects while you’re sewing. Make sure you don’t misplace your equipment and always have it to hand by using one of our adhesive 50 x 10 x 2mm thick N42 Neodymium Magnet.

These thin, rectangular magnets combine the high-performance of neodymium with convenience of self-adhesive making them ideal for creative projects. They are available with either pole on the non-adhesive side.

These high-performance magnets utilise a firm acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive to support the magnets weight, to ensure the pull strength of the magnet is supported we recommend allowing between 24 and 32 hours for the adhesive to fully cure.


Homemade Wall Calendar

Check out this magnetic wall calendar made using a piece of steel, some ferrite magnets, and a printed calendar template. Using the magnets to hold aluminium strips for the days, months and events throughout the year as well as painting several magnets to denote his days off and holidays, this customer has created a great customisable calendar through the use of magnets.


Improving A Board Game With Magnets

Family game nights always present fun, laughter and a challenge for the competitive amongst us! For the avid board game fans, you may be looking at ways in which you can create your own, or even improve an existing game – well why not take inspiration from our customer, Steven Vacher, who’s used over 400 magnets to improve his favourite game.


Magnets Used In Props & Costumes

If you’re a fan of Marvel, Disney or Star Wars then we have the perfect customer application for you! Magnets can provide a solution to several different problems when it comes to crafting, our customer, Huw, who is part of the Worldwide 501st Legion Star Wars Costumers has shown us exactly how magnets have played a key role in his props and costumes.


Stopping Light Seepage With Magnets

No one likes a bad night sleep, especially not from light seeping through your curtains. Sleep plays a vital role in everyone’s life it helps improve mental/physical health. So why let the things like your curtains get in the way of this? Especially since this can be easily fixed with our simple solution! All you need is our Stitch In PVC coated ‘Quick Change’ Textile Magnets!


Warhammer Magnets for transportation

There are several ways in which our magnets can be used throughout a Warhammer collection, one of the creative and frequent ways we see our magnets utilised is when collectors magnetise their collection for transporting. Using our magnets, collectors can ensure their figures will be safe when travelling and can be quickly and easily packed without the need for unnecessary packaging.

One customer, Des a Warhammer painter and player, used our 10mm dia x 2mm thick N42 Neodymium Magnets (1.44kg Pull) to magnetise his collection, alongside a plain stackable box and magnetic sheeting. Firstly, Des would need to securely fit the flexible magnetic sheet to the bottom of the box, this can easily be done with our FerroFlex® Ultra Flexible Ferrous Sheet. 

Secondly, the small circular magnets need to be secured to the base of the figures which keeps them out of sight but will securely hold them to the magnetic sheet. The small, thin and high-performance neodymium magnets are small but incredibly strong which is why they thrive where small size and maximum strength are required.



Magnets for changing weaponry

As well as using magnets to safely transport your collection why not enhance your figures in battle through the use of magnets. Using magnets can allow your models to swap weaponry and armour throughout a battle while complying with the rules of the game.

After much research and trial runs one customer found our N35 Neodymium disc magnets to be the perfect size and magnetisation to modify models as well as being more cost effective than having to purchase up to 40 completely new models. These magnets sit perfectly on the models allowing the customer to swap weaponry, armour and any other customisable parts of the model keeping within the rules of the game. As well as the magnets being completely hidden when the model is used in battle mode.

These small neodymium disc magnets are incredible value for money and are some of the smallest magnets in our range which is why they are commonly used for research, technology and crafts alike where small size and maximum strength is required.


We hope these ideas can inspire you to go explore the wonderful world of magnets and how they can be used in Crafting and Model Making, if you are looking for further inspiration take a look at our entire range of customer applications here, or if you need help with an existing application. Do not hesitate to get in touch with our experts on 0845-519-4701 or email