Magnets provide endless possibilities, and whilst relatively small in nature, they provide the opportunity for big ideas. Magnets can provide the perfect solution to many problems when attempting DIY and with most people being condemned to their own homes for the last 18 months, more people are turning their hand to DIY than ever before. We have had several customers contact us to show us the creative and innovative ways they have used magnets in their DIY projects or how magnets have helped them organise their workspace.

With DIY and home improvement hacks on the rise, we are delighted to announce that we have teamed up with the dynamic duo of DIY renovation, restoration and innovation, The Restoration Couple, a YouTube channel ran by husband and wife, Tim, and Jo.

The Restoration Couple currently has over 160,000 subscribers and 35 million video views on their detailed step-by-step tutorials of various DIY projects all around their home and workshop, and we are thrilled to have worked with them for a number of these projects to create many hacks using magnets!


Light and Camera Mounts

Are you struggling to see in your workshop and need a secure hold for your lights? Or do you want to mount a small security camera to protect your property?

Well Tim, from The Restoration Couple, has created a step-by-step guide on how you can safely and securely mount and fit your cameras and lights in your workshop. Using a 40mm dia x 5mm thick N42 Neodymium Magnet, Tim has been able to mount his Go Pro, helping him film and produce more high-quality tutorials.


To ensure the lighting in his workshop was suitable for both work and film, Tim needed to install some lighting to his steel ceiling, to do this Tim used our 16mm dia x 5mm thick x 3mm countersunk N42 Neodymium Pot Magnet, which provide a secure hold when in use, and allows the lighting to be easily adjusted and taken down whenever required.


Magnetic Tool Hacks

Why not make doing DIY that bit easier with these magnetic tool hacks from Tim, from tape measures to googles Tim has demonstrated how you can modify any tool in your workshop in order to keep your workspace organised.

By screwing and gluing magnets to the back or side of different tools, Tim has been able to organise his workspace and make his tools easily stick to any magnetic surface around a workshop, garage, or shed.

Countersunk magnets have a central hole which allows them to be fixed to non-magnetic surfaces with a screw, or in this case they can be glued to certain tools, countersunk magnets provide an astonishing magnetic pull for such small magnets.


Magnetic Tool Bag

As well as handy tips to improve your tools, we have a great hack to even make using your tool bag easier. One customer, Duncan, an electrician from Scotland, has been able to modify his tool pouches with magnets so they can be hung at a more suitable height for working. If you want to learn how and what magnets Duncan used, view the application below.



Shower Screen

A leaky shower is a common issue that many of us will face, but a simple spot of DIY and magnets can provide an easy, cost-effective fix. With the help of our magnetic tape, you can easily fix a shower door to ensure it closes securely whilst preventing water leaks. To see a step-by-step tutorial of how to fix a shower door with magnets, view the application below.



Magnetic Spice Rack

Magnets are useful all over the home, especially in the kitchen. For example, a customer contacted us to show us how he had made his own magnetic spice rack, helping to organise and display his spices. By simply gluing small magnets into the inside the lid of the jars and using a small steel plate, you are able to simply pop the lid back on and reattach the jar to the steel board.



Magnetic Drill Bit Holder

If you misplace, lose, or fiddle around trying to find your different drill bits then this magnetic hack will not only save you time and stress, but also a few drill bits over time.

Tim has used one of our 12mm dia x 4.5mm thick x 3mm countersunk N42 Neodymium Pot Magnet and has glued the magnet in place to the side of drill in order to hold multiple drill bits for quick and easy change.

Alongside this Tim has attached a couple of our Adhesive 50 x 10 x 2mm thick N42 Neodymium Magnets to his toolbox in order to hold his drill bits and screws so they are easy to reach and access wherever he's working.



Magnetic Stud Finder

Many homes will have interior studded walls and ceilings, the term studded refers to the hidden timber frames to which the plasterboard is nailed or screwed, in between each is a cavity usually filled with insulation that offers no structural support.

This is why it’s incredibly important when drilling into a wall to hold a heavy item it's vital to locate these timber studs. However, it can also be necessary to avoid these timber studs in a ceiling or wall, for example fitting lights to be flush with the ceiling means avoiding the studs altogether.

Due to the importance of locating these studs in either situation a magnetic stud finder is a great addition to any toolbox. Our 25mm diameter x 20mm thick neodymium magnet is absolutely perfect for the job. Simply hold the magnet and slowly move it horizontally across the wall or ceiling until you feel the magnet pull towards the nail or screw in the timber stud.

Once located the magnet will be strong enough to hold its own weight allowing you to drill or screw directly in line with the magnet to hit the stud, or to the side of the magnet to avoid it completely.



Adding A Magnet to Your Anvil

While blacksmithing you will notice the ringing sound each time you strike your anvil, this sound can not only be irritating but can also affect your hearing over a long period of time.

However, there is a very quick and effective method to reduce the ringing sound coming from the anvil, which is simply attaching a strong magnet or two to the underside of the anvil.

Magnets can greatly reduce the vibration and noise that an anvil makes, many blacksmiths choose to use magnets over other options such as chains as they are easier to purchase and easier to attach, detach, and reattach.

Tim decided to use two of our 75 x 50 x 20mm thick Y30BH Ferrite Magnet, however, there are several different magnets that could have been used from our range of magnets meaning no matter your budget we have a magnet to help improve your blacksmithing.


Magnetic Hoover Head

Tired of brushing away mess from your garage, workshop or shed? Then protect your hoover from breaking and make cleaning your workspace much easier by adding magnets to your hoover head.

Tim has used five Adhesive 50 x 10 x 2mm thick N42 Neodymium Magnets to the head of his hoover, in order to catch screws, nails, or small ferrous objects when vacuuming sawdust or any other mess.

These high performance rectangular magnets combine the performance of Neodymium with the convenience of self-adhesive, to ensure the adhesive can withstand the magnets pull strength we recommend allowing between 24 to 32 hours for the adhesive to fully cure.


We hope these ideas can inspire you to go explore the wonderful world of magnets and how they can be used in DIY, if you are looking for further inspiration take a look at our entire range of customer applications here, or if you need help with an existing application. Do not hesitate to get in touch with our experts on 0845-519-4701 or email


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