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Magnets provide endless possibilities, and whilst relatively small in nature, they provide the opportunity for big ideas. Magnets can provide the perfect solution to many everyday home DIY issues, providing a cost-effective, secure and easy to install solution to many areas around the home. Thanks to our fantastic customers we have seen several ways to improve, repair and renovate. Here we have collected the most creative and practical applications. That is why we are thrilled to have teamed up with DIY and Home Décor expert, @thisenglishhome, whose Instagram has over 67,000 followers and over 1.5 million Instagram reel views. 

You can see the two amazing creations below that Victoria made in her home which are both damage free renovations, ideal for improving any home!


Magnetic Gallery Wall

Painting and decorating are some of the most popular forms of DIY that most homeowners or renters will turn their hands to. However, why not make your newly painted wall magnetic? Using our FerroPaint® allows you to make any wall or area in your home magnetic, with a magnetic wall you'll be able to hang your favourite artwork without leaving any damage behind, as well as being able to change pictures and decorative pieces freely and as often as you please.

FIRST4MAGNETS® has teamed up with DIY & home décor expert, @thisenglishhome, who has made her own damage free gallery wall in her home.

Our magnetic gallery pack includes FerroPaint® which can make any wall an engaging ferrous surface that magnets will attract to, transforming your home without the need for tracks, pins, or nails, and comes with our MagFlex® magnetic tape which can be easily cut to any shape with scissors or Stanley knife.



Wood panelling has been a home décor craze that has stormed the housing industry over recent years, and continues to be one of the most popular home improvement and renovation tasks undertaken. Whilst panelling offers a great aesthetic and character to any space, it requires drilling of holes or strong adhesive, which when can cause significant damage to walls.

This is where our magnetic panelling packs provide a revolutionary solution. By simply using our packs containing FerroPaint® and NeoFlex® tape, you can securely apply most styles of batons to a wall magnetically, that can then be easily changed and moved around. This is perfect for anyone who doesn't want to drill numerous holes into their walls, or use glue that will undoubtedly damage the paintwork and plaster underneath. In addition, this is great for landlords or property developers show homes looking for a temporary panel solution, or for anyone that likes to alternate their panelling design. Shop our panelling pack below!


Ferrous Surface Kitchen Cupboard

Modern-day kitchens are sleekly designed and usually include different built-in appliances including fridges and dishwashers. Whilst this design is aesthetically pleasing, it does limit space in your kitchen in which you can hang reminders, dates, pictures and everything else important to you.

Using one of our adhesive, dry-wipe FerroFlex® A4 Flexible Ferrous Sheets and some small magnets, you can create an interactive space, and that is exactly what a customer of ours did in their home in just three simple steps.



Magnetic Bath Panel

Refitting and restoring a bathroom can be a long process and one part which must be considered is the bath panel to hide the unsightly void of piping beneath your bath.

However, would you have thought about fitting your bath panel using magnets? This method ensures that if you ever have a leak you can easily access your plumbing without the need for any tools whilst keeping the panel securely in place. Our robust countersunk magnets are easy to work with and can be much less hassle than plastic bath clips usually provided with the panel.



Magnetic Knife Rack

Looking to create a sleek, hygienic, and space-saving solution to organise and display your kitchen knives and utensils, then our premium magnetic wall-mounted knife racks are the perfect solution.

Our magnetic knife racks are built with super strong Neodymium and ferrite magnets that provide a super strong hold allowing you to safely hold and display your knives and utensils in place. Even though they are designed for holding knives, the magnetic knife rack can be used in a variety of ways around the home.




Oven/Tumble Dryer Door

A broken appliance is a home-owners worse nightmare, fixing or even having to replace an appliance can be an expensive and time-consuming exercise. However, through the use of adhesive-backed magnets, you can save yourself on both cost and time and find simple solutions to fix your appliances. 

A common resolution to this has been repairing oven and tumble dryer doors with magnets. Replacing or repairing an oven door can be an expensive process. However, using our magnets one customer found he fixed his faulty oven door with just a few of our magnets.


As well as repairing appliances we have seen several customers improve their washing machines and tumble dryers using magnets. By adding a magnet to the door and then a second magnet or steel plate onto an adjacent wall meaning the door will stay open and not swing shut when you are filling or emptying the appliance. To see exactly how to stop your tumble dryer door from shutting on you unexpectedly view our full article below.



Holding Bi-fold Doors Open

With summer upon us, many of us are enjoying having our windows and doors open to let in the fresh air. However, we have received a high number of calls about holding their bi-folding doors open. Our team of experts will usually, depending on the door size and weight, recommend our rubber-coated countersunk magnets. These magnets are countersunk on both sides and have one North-facing and one South-facing side, these are clearly marked to avoid any issues. 

The rubber coating is also ideal to be used outside as it protects the magnets from corrosion and provides a soft impact for when the doors fold into one another and also protects the door. To see a full walkthrough of how one of our customers used our rubber-coated countersunk magnets and 12mm head stainless steel screws to secure their bi-folding door, view the application below! 



We hope these ideas can inspire you to go explore the wonderful world of magnets and how they can be used in everyday solutions, if you are looking for further inspiration take a look at our entire range of home interior applications here, or if you need help with an existing application. Do not hesitate to get in touch with our experts on 0845-519-4701 or email sales@magnetexpert.com