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First4magnets contributes to a Peter Andre’s 60-minute makeover for Essex hospice

Haven House Children’s Hospice provides a home-from-home for seriously ill children and their families and since opening their doors eleven years ago have provided a caring, and above all, a happy environment for 500 children and their families. Today, (Friday 19 December, 2014), the Peter Andre’s 60 Minute Makeover team will be presenting a makeover of the Hospice’s woodland ‘Buddies Hut’. The previously dilapidated old summer house has, with the help of Peter Andre and his team, been transformed into an incredible new facility that can be used year-round by... Read More


First4magnets now recognised as Google Certified Shop

First4magnets, the UK’s number one online retailer of magnets and magnetic assemblies, has been selected to join the Google Certified Shops program. To help shoppers identify online merchants that offer a great shopping experience, the Google Certified Shops badge is awarded to ecommerce sites that demonstrate a track record of on-time shipping and excellent customer service. When visiting, shoppers will see a Google Certified Shops badge and can click on it for more information. Matthew Ellis, Managing Director at first4magnets said: “Outstanding customer service is part of the very... Read More


First4magnets supports local cancer charity

Aurora Wellbeing is a charity that supports both men and women affected by cancer, offering free beauty and wellbeing treatments. The charity has five centres, all of which are within 40 miles of first4magnets, in Tuxford Nottinghamshire, the most local being the centre based at the Old Library in Worksop. The characterful home of Aurora Wellbeing is a listed building, which means that permanent fixtures on outside and inside walls are prohibited. Thankfully, the frames of many of the internal and external doors are painted iron, which is what gave... Read More


First4magnets makes TV debut on Discovery Channel

First4magnets, a Nottinghamshire supplier of magnets and magnetic assemblies will today (Monday, 10 November 2014) make its national television debut, featuring on Discovery Channel’s ‘You Have Been Warned’. The programme takes a look at the most popular science-themed videos posted on the video sharing network YouTube and with the help of a team of experts in their field, seeks to explain the science behind the viral clips. First4magnets has a YouTube channel with over 8,000 subscribers and videos which have been viewed over 3.5million times! The most popular, which caught... Read More


Magnets play supporting role in new musical performance, taking the UK by storm

A shipping container arrives, the doors swing open and you are engulfed by a wall of beautifully crafted sound. For this is not an ordinary shipping container, it is the latest musical instrument crafted by inspirational and uniquely talented composer Jez Colborne. This is his Gift. Gift is the name of the musical performance, crafted by Jez and made possible by Mind The Gap theatre, that transforms a steel shipping container into a makeshift musical instrument through a variety of unusual percussions, objects and routines. The performance, commissioned by PRS... Read More


First4magnets supports young architects

This week (27 June 2014 – 5 July 2014), has seen the doors open to one of the world’s biggest architecture degree shows. The annual summer show held at The Slade Gallery, London showcases the work of over 500 students from the University of Central London’s world-renowned Bartlett School of Architecture with exhibitions including models, drawings, films, multimedia installations and computer fabrications. First4magnets is delighted to be supporting students from the Bartlett School of Architecture by sponsoring students from Unit 24 of The Bartlett School of Architecture and supplying magnets... Read More


Product review – Magnetic Sweeper

If you work in or run a workshop or factory, you will appreciate the inconvenience that metal debris can cause either on the shop floor or in forecourts and yards. Metal debris is a hazard for employees and for vehicles; punctured tyres can cost a business hundreds of pounds a year and employee safety should always be the number one priority. Elsewhere, closing motorways and ‘A’ roads following road collisions costs the UK economy millions of pounds every year. One of the hazards following a collision is ferrous debris on... Read More


Product review – Educational and highly addictive tangram puzzle

At we love to educate young people about the fascinating world of magnets, probably because we are big kids ourselves! Magnets are great for making learning fun and I’m sure we all remember fondly the days in the school science lab conducting experiments with bar magnets, horseshoe magnets and iron filings! With new products becoming available all the time learning with magnets need not be confined to the school science lab – our magnetic tangram puzzle is great fun and just by playing with it children can learn about... Read More


Product review – Diving magnet with aluminium handle and eyebolt attachments

Specially designed diving magnets are used by many scuba and commercial divers as temporary anchor points on ferrous objects when exploring or working underwater. These temporary anchor points are vital for divers wanting to maintain complete control of their position in the water in strong currents and keep both hands free for the task before them. Following requests from divers all over Europe the technical experts at first4magnets sought advice from a selection of divers and set about designing a diving magnet that would be an ideal solution for both... Read More

, help make UK architect’s charity endeavour child’s play

At we were delighted when Sam Turner, architectural assistant at mæ architects contacted us with a brand new challenge, and one which would make all the difference to a very worthy cause. Mæ were selected as one of the world’s 20 best architects to design and build a dolls’ house as part of the unique ‘A Dolls’ House’ project organised by Cathedral Group for the benefit of KIDS, a UK charity supporting disabled children, young people and their families. ‘A Dolls’ House’ will see 20 architects, designers and artists... Read More