Create magnetic walls, anywhere

Magnets are no longer confined to the fridge or noticeboard with the new range of magnetic wall coverings supplied by first4magnets, including magnetic plaster and magnetic paint. Now, you can make any wall in your home or office magnetic with a few easy-to-install materials.

Man hanging picture fram on magnetic wallMagnetic Plaster by British Gypsum

Magnetic plaster is the latest innovation in interior and workspace design, providing ultimate flexibility and using the power of magnets to create interactive spaces at home or in the office. It’s perfect for creating a picture gallery without hooks or nails or for organising the home office without the confines of a noticeboard. Kids love it too and it can be used to create their own interactive space in a bedroom or play room. On a grander scale it can help creative teams such as designers and architects collaborate and present their work to their colleagues and clients.

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Magnetic Paint

You can create a magnetic wall using magnetic paint on any surface to which you can apply regular emulsion. Simply use magnetic paint as an undercoat and apply your choice of top coat. Then, once dry, magnets will attract to the ferrous particles in the magnetic paint. Walls painted with magnetic paint are great for displaying posters, artwork, photographs and even lightweight picture frames; what’s more you don’t need any specialist skills or tools to apply it, just a paintbrush and roller.

Applying magnet to MagPaint wallThe options don’t end there, rather than a regular top coat of coloured emulsion you can apply Blackboard Paint to create a blackboard surface or Sketch Paint to create a dry-wipe surface.

MagPaint - 1litre MagPaint - 2.5litre Blackboard Paint 500ml Sketch Paint
MagPaint – 1litre MagPaint – 2.5litre Blackboard Paint Sketch Paint

Of course, to complement our choice of magnetic wall coverings you will find the perfect magnets at first4magnets.

Magnets for magnetic plaster Magnets for magnetic paint Child friendly magnets
Magnets for magnetic plaster  Magnets for magnetic paint  Child friendly magnets

If you are looking to create a magnetic wall in your home, office or school then do not hesitate to give our team who will be happy to advise on 0845 5194701.

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