First4magnets makes TV debut on Discovery Channel

First4magnets, a Nottinghamshire supplier of magnets and magnetic assemblies will today (Monday, 10 November 2014) make its national television debut, featuring on Discovery Channel’s ‘You Have Been Warned’. The programme takes a look at the most popular science-themed videos posted on the video sharing network YouTube and with the help of a team of experts in their field, seeks to explain the science behind the viral clips.

First4magnets has a YouTube channel with over 8,000 subscribers and videos which have been viewed over 3.5million times! The most popular, which caught the eye of the programmes producers, shows the sheer power of rare earth neodymium magnets including what could happen to a human hand caught between two huge magnets and how the strength of just two repelling magnets can levitate a man.

Managing Director, Matthew Ellis, said: “We were approached by the production team making the current series of You Have Been Warned and we were happy to showcase our videos, which have already been seen by millions of viewers. We originally created the videos to demonstrate the strength of super-powerful magnets and to communicate an important safety message, we are overwhelmed by how popular they have proven to be!”

You can see all the videos on the first4magnets YouTube channel, or tune in to the Discovery Channel tonight at 8pm.

screenshot of YouTube video showing super-strong neodymium magnets

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