FIRST4MAGNETS thrilled to announce collaboration with Thisenglishhome

During these extraordinary times, many people have had time to decorate, renovate and improve their own homes, and being able to tackle some DIY has been a much-needed form of relief for many whether they are an expert or a complete beginner.

That is why we are thrilled to announce that FIRST4MAGNETS® have teamed up with DIY & Home Décor expert, @thisenglishhome, who’s Instagram account has over 65,000 followers and over 1.5 million Instagram Reel views!

Thisenglishhome, ran by Victoria, has seen a huge increase in following since the first lockdown, growing from 6000 followers in January 2019 to the now nearly 70,000 just a year and a half later.


Before moving to her previous home Victoria was in a position in which she needed to sell her old home quick so with just a week’s holiday and a £400 budget she began her DIY journey as she says by completely by accident.

Victoria has been able to help thousands of homeowners, property developers and renters all improve their properties on a budget and is very connected to her audience and is happy to discuss ideas and answer questions from followers.

Painting and decorating are one of the most popular forms of DIY which many people will turn their hand to, and Victoria is the expert, having repainted her bathroom tiles and even her entire kitchen rather than replacing them!

We are proud to be partnering with @thisenglishhome, as Victoria has been able to create a stunning damage free gallery wall as well as being able to fit wood panelling along the staircase wall in a much simpler method than traditionally seen, all using our FerroPaint® and magnetic tape.

FerroPaint® can make any wall an engaging ferrous surface that magnets will attract to, meaning you can transform your home without the need for tacks, pins, or nails. Paired with our magnetic tape these products can transform any space without causing any permanent damage.

As well as the fantastic images, Victoria has a lot more exciting content to come over the next week, including a full look at behind the scenes look of the installation of both these applications, alongside an in-depth tutorial detailing exactly how to replicate these ideas in your home!

These applications are just the start of a great partnership and FIRST4MAGNETS® Managing Director Matthew Ellis-Mather has said:

“We are very happy to be working with Victoria, her work is to a high quality and inspires thousands to improve their home. At FIRST4MAGNETS® we have a passion for the possibilities of magnets and enjoy nothing more than seeing the incredible ways our customers use our products.”

“We’re over the moon that using our FerroPaint®, magnetic tape and adhesive magnets along with advice from our technical experts, Victoria has been able to create two amazing applications, which are especially great for those renting as there is no damage caused to the property.”

Being able to renovate a space easily with no damage caused was an ideal solution for Victoria and something she was more than happy to share with her followers.

“It’s brilliant that I’ve been able to help people create easy-to-do decor, that’s previously been unavailable to them, either because they rent and aren’t allowed to damage walls, or are intimidated by materials, or can’t use/hold certain power tools.

“Your products are perfect for someone like me and are therefore perfect for people who follow me! They have helped me makeover a space with little fuss, mess, or cost.

“The idea of magnetic panelling and damage free artwork is brilliant and I’m proud to help bring it into people’s awareness and I’m proud to work with First4Magnets to do so.” Victoria said.

Magnets provide endless possibilities, and whilst relatively small in nature, they provide the opportunity for big ideas, and Victoria has shown this with a beautifully finished panelled wall and gallery!

We hope this inspires you to go explore the wonderful world of magnets and how they can be used in everyday solutions, if you are looking for further inspiration, take a look at our range of Home Interior applications here!

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