Magnetic sculpture ‘Hollow’ attracts creative public at Aberystwyth Arts Centre

Exhibition-goers get to grips with HollowFirst4magnets are proud to have supplied the magnets used in Jenny Hall’s current exhibition, ‘Hollow’ that puts the audience centre stage as they move, stack, explore and discover within the exhibition itself, which explores mining and the links between destruction and construction. Hollow officially opened at 6pm Friday, 1 April 2016 at Aberystwyth Arts Centre with an artist talk and a presentation by the seminal artist and curator Marc Rees and has already met with great enthusiasm as young people and adults alike get to grips with boxes that connect together with magnets that appear to defy gravity and provide a rare opportunity to intervene in the fabric of public space.

Following the exhibitions launch, Matt Newby from first4magnets said: ” When Jenny approached us for advice and support, we were immediately drawn in by Jenny’s vision of what Hollow was to become. Magnets are items that are used and found in every day items although often remain unseen but immediately instil a sense of curiosity and intrigue in anyone who handles them. By using magnets to hold together tens of cardboxes it has created a scultpure which is both creative and interactive.”

Hall directs architectural practice Craftedspace and has spent much of her career exploring the way in which space affects how people behave and vice versa how people’s behaviour affects the evolution of the space around them. Hollow fast tracks many of her assumptions providing valuable research opportunities to see just how far this kind of artwork takes people and can be taken itself.

Hollow features in the Wales Festival of Architecture 2016. For more information and to follow Hollow, head to the exhibitions website

More details about this touring exhibition at the Hollow website

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