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Self-Adhesive Magnets Novelty

Thin magnets with self-adhesive on one side combine superb magnetic performance with the convenience of premium 3M self-adhesive. Our magnets are trusted by industry-leading print finishing, packaging and retail display companies and consumers alike.

Self-adhesive circular and rectangular magnets are available with either their north pole or south pole on the non-self-adhesive face. Remember, when using two self-adhesive magnets to attract together you need opposite poles facing each other to attract! If you are using self-adhesive magnets to attract to a steel surface you are safe with either polarity, they are equal in strength. Our self-adhesive products are all supplied with premium adhesive such as 3M 468, 3M9448 or Tesa 4965, so they won’t let you down.

Self-Adhesive Magnets