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Thistle Magnetic Plaster by British Gypsum – 25kg bag (5sqm coverage)

With this finish coat plaster and just a few magnets you can turn an entire wall into a fully interactive surface, avoiding putting holes in your wall with nails, screws and pins. Designed for creativity, it is perfect for the home, office or classroom.

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  • £75.87
Product Code: MAGPLAST
Weight: 25kg
Coverage: 5sqm
Thickness: 3mm
Setting time: 2-3 hours
Fixing: fixings supplied
Shelf life: 5 months
Certifications: EN13279-1, EN13501-1
  • Magnets attract to it like a steel surface.
  • Each 25kg bag will cover 5sqm at a thickness of 3mm.
  • Minimum of 3mm should be applied, sets in 2-3 hours.
  • Applies the same as regular plaster.
  • Sets with a smooth professional finish that blends into existing walls.
  • Best used with neodymium magnets and flexible magnetic sheets and tapes.

Magnetic plaster is the latest innovation in interior design, providing ultimate flexibility to create interactive spaces at home or in the office. It’s perfect for creating a picture gallery without using pins or nails or for organising the home office without the confines of a noticeboard. On a grander scale it can help teams of designers and architects collaborate and present their work to their colleagues and clients. Magnetic plaster should be applied in the same way as regular plaster at least 3mm thick. Once set, it provides a surface that magnets will attract to, just like steel. The ideal magnets to use depends on what you want to hang on your magnetic wall. If you are looking for technical data such as performance and application and installation instructions, please download the product data sheet. Each bag contains application instructions on the reverse.



Which magnets should I use with magnetic plaster?
This depends on what it is you are trying to hold. If you are looking to hang something lightweight like photos or posters, then our range of magnets for noticeboards are ideal, or small self-adhesive magnets can be stuck to the back of the item you are looking to hang. If you are looking to hold picture frames or similar items then our high-powered magnetic sheet or magnetic tape should be sufficient. For heavier items, our rubber-coated pot magnets are the best solution as the rubber increases the slide resistance of the magnet. If the item you want to hang is sliding down the wall then adding cut pieces of our high-power flexible magnetic sheet will increase the friction between the item and the wall.

We've put together a handy magnets for magnetic plaster selection pack, which is great for getting you started. If you are planning to apply magnetic plaster in a child's bedroom or play room, then our child-friendly selection pack is perfect and safe.

What can I hang on magnetic plaster?
Magnetic plaster is best used for hanging light to medium weight items that you would normally be hung using pins, tacks or nails – prints, pictures, clocks and small mirrors can all be hung easily. Heavier items like bookshelves and even TV’s have been hung on the plaster, but this requires a careful arrangement of magnets to achieve. If you require advice, please give one of our technical advisors a call on 0845 5194701.

How much weight can magnetic plaster hold?
This depends very much on the thickness of the plaster applied, the quality of the magnets used, the size of the magnet used and the texture of the surface wall. At first4magnets, we would not recommend attempting to hang anything heavier than 5kg.

How thick should you apply magnetic plaster?
As per the manufacturer’s instructions, the plaster should be applied at least 3mm thick in two coats. If it is applied more thinly, it will weaken the attraction between the plaster and the magnets used. Likewise, if it is applied thicker, the attraction would be slightly stronger; 3mm – 5mm is perfect. For detailed application instructions, please read the manufacturer’s data sheet
How much does one bag cover?
One 25kg bag of magnetic plaster will cover five square-metres if applied at 3mm thickness.

What surfaces can magnetic plaster be applied to?
Magnetic plaster is best applied directly on to plasterboard, including moisture resistant boards, but can also be applied to undercoat plaster or suitable sealed painted walls.

Do you need special tools to apply it?
No special tools are required. The tools you would normally use to apply regular plaster are suitable for applying magnetic plaster.

Can you paint magnetic plaster?
Absolutely. Once set, magnetic plaster is grey in colour and no more difficult to cover than regular plaster. Regular primer and emulsion will provide a finish that blends in with your existing walls. Just remember, that every coat of paint increases the gap between the plaster and the magnets. If re-painting, it would be beneficial to remove as much of the original coat before repainting. Always make sure the plaster is dry before painting. Many customers choose to paint with a top coat of Blackboard Paint or Sketch (whiteboard) Paint to create a truly interactive surface!

Why not just use magnetic paint?
Magnetic paint is a good solution for light items such as things you may typically mount using pins or tack. However, the magnetic attraction is better with magnetic plaster which is why we recommend it for heavier items.

What about durability?
Once set, magnetic plaster is just as durable as regular plaster.

What is the shelf life of the product?
The shelf life of the product is five months.

Will it affect my Wi-Fi connection, phone signal or other electronic devices?
No, the magnetic plaster will not affect any wireless signals in your house or any other electronic devices.