Screws by Recovery & Retrieval Magnets

Our recovery and retrieval magnets are designed with precision, ease of use and safety in mind. Retrieve items such as keys, nuts, screws from hard to reach places with our retrieval pens, and clear ferrous items from areas with our superior performance magnetic sweepers.

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These selected magnets are among the strongest available and specifically designed for demanding, heavy-duty applications. There are two main types, pot magnet assemblies, and raw magnets. They may look similar but have very different uses.

Pot magnets - Designed for clamping directly onto a steel surface. They are made from a large magnet encased within a steel shell. They are magnetic on one face only, creating a solid clamping force. However, they cannot be used to attract other magnets or attract through a gap.

Raw magnets - A plain magnet which can be used in direct contact with a steel surface and to attract or repel another magnet. They can also be used when attracting through a gap, although a magnet's strength does decrease significantly when used this way. Don't miss our range of N52 neodymium magnets, which are among the strongest permanent magnets in the world!

Magnet Fishing - Recovery and Retrieval magnets are commonly used for the UK’s latest craze, magnetic fishing. We have designed 7 magnet fishing kits that are made up of a pot magnet, eyebolt and 10 metre polyester rope. The kits offer different degrees of magnetic strength with something available for beginners, intermediates and magnet experts. Read over our Ultimate Guide to Magnet Fishing to learn everything you need to know.