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Therapy Magnets & Bracelets Self-Adhesive

Many people use magnets for therapy because of their perceived ability to ease long term chronic pain caused by persistent ailments. Magnets, often incorporated into bracelets and jewellery and used for therapy, are often referred to as pain relief magnets and are generally made from neodymium, the strongest magnetic material available.

It is thought that the magnetic field produced by a magnet penetrates the skin as it travels from north pole to south improving the blood flow in underlying tissue or altering the body’s electromagnetic balance, although we don’t have any evidence to support this. You can find more information about how magnets work in our Tech Centre.

People who use magnets for pain relief place the magnet over the site of pain, in direct contact with the skin using surgical tape or sticking plaster. As they are usually gold-plated they can be used in direct contact with the skin for as long as is required without any adverse effects. Similar, magnets not generally advised for therapy are nickel-plated, which can cause an irritation for people with a nickel allergy.

Despite the many people who use magnetic therapy products, and have contacted us to tell us how pleased they are with the result, there is no medical evidence from the medical science community that supports the clinical benefits of magnetic therapy beyond their placebo effect. Our advice would be to never choose magnetic therapy products as a substitute for visiting a medical professional about a condition. Below you will find products that our customers have used to treat symptoms for conditions such as arthritis, back pain and muscular problems.


Therapy Magnets & Bracelets
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