ADVANTAGES TOUSINGAMAGNETIC SOLUTION Steel Storage containers are a perfect surface for magnets to attract to, due to their high level of iron. Our magnets provide you with an instant fixing, which can be attached and moved without any need for additional equipment, greatly decreasing downtime. Drilling holes into the containers, or even welding units to the steel can add cost, labour time and unnecessary or unwanted holes within the steel walls. Magnet Expert Ltd offer these solutions to help reduce costs, save time and more importantly, make it a suitable and effective solution. Health and safety is of huge importance to us here at Magnet Expert Ltd, we ensure that all of the solutions we provide are the safest possible for all our valued customers. WHAT SOLUTIONS CANMAGNETS BEUSED IN? LIGHT FIXTURES – The most popular solution that we supply to the industry is magnetic fixtures for lighting equipment. This creates an instant and reusable/interchangeable method, eliminating the need for additional equipment or drilling/welding. DISPLAYING SIGNAGE – Instantly attach permanent or temporary signage using our MagFlex® range, with self-adhesive options to mount even the heaviest signs or our magnetic pouches for displaying visual management in both the A4 or A3 format. This not only removes the risk of damage but makes it completely reusable,which will again reduce cost and eliminate damage. CREATING ADDITIONAL STORAGE SPACE – Health and safety is vital for any site and at Magnet Expert Ltd, we offer solutions to help. Our Cable Tie Magnets are designed to stop any hanging cables or wires laying on the ground or in locations that could cause harm to individuals. Another product that is completely reusable and interchangeable but just gives that peace of mind the working area is safe. Cable tie magnets will reduce a huge amount of man hours by simply repositioning. WHY MAGNET EXPERT LTD? The application of magnets is one of our major strengths, our senior technicians have decades of experience in developing magnetic solutions for strip steel mills, robotic welding cells, canning plants, tin can de-palletising, food production sites, chemical plants, point of sale displays, printing and wind turbines. Customer service is of critical importance and our staff are trained and encouraged to go the extra mile to ensure that we exceed all our customer’s expectations. MAGNETIC SOLUTIONS 0845 519 4701