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If you know the specific type of magnet you are shopping for, you might find our magnetic materials category useful. In case you aren’t sure which type you need we have grouped our most popular products together by common uses and assemblies. We’ve featured some of our most popular types right here, in case you are looking for a bit of extra inspiration.

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We love showcasing how our magnets have been used. If you’re looking for ideas, then take a look at some of the creative ways other people have used our products.
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With 20,000,000 magnets immediately available from stock, whether you are looking for a handful of magnets for your fridge or whether you are a manufacturer seeking a trusted, reliable supplier capable of delivering in bulk then we are confident we can meet your needs. In our range you will find magnets and magnetic assemblies made from five different materials, each with different characteristics. They are:

Alnico – traditional bar and horseshoe magnets, mainly used in education and marine industries.

Ferrite – weakest of the ‘hard’ permanent magnets but great value. Smaller versions are commonly used for novelty magnets while larger versions are commonly used in processing industries.

Flexible rubber – available in tapes, sheets and labels and commonly used in displays and signage.

Neodymium – the strongest magnets available. Because of their strength they can be made very small making them incredibly versatile.

Samarium cobalt – second in strength to neodymium, samarium cobalt magnets come into their own at elevated temperatures and have superior resistance to corrosion.

Click the name of each material to be taken to the relevant section in our Tech Centre where you will find in depth information about each magnet type. If you are unsure which is best suited to your purpose visit our comparison of magnetic materials page or give our Customer Care Team a call who will be happy to help on 01777 874 520.