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magnet accessories and variety packs


At first4magnets.com we also provide magnetic accessories as well as gifts and novelty magnets too. Here, you will find our selection of magnetic whiteboards, great gifts and our really popular variety packs – ideal if you need more than one shape or size.

Ferrous sheets and tapes

Not to be confused with magnetic sheets and tape – ferrous items don’t produce any magnetism of their own but are great for sticking magnets to.

Whiteboards and accessories

Small, medium and large magnetic and magnetically attachable whiteboards with a wide range of accessories and magnets for creating displays.

Magnetic spheres and puzzle cubes

Our spherical and cube-shaped magnets can be found in this section. They make great accessories for artists creating magnetic sculptures.

Ferrofluid and accessories

Ferrofluid is a liquid which is made of tiny magnetic particles and reacts in amazing ways to magnetic fields.

Steel discs and fixing screws

These steel discs and screws are suitable for use with countersunk and clamping magnets. You should always use brass or stainless steel screws so that they don’t draw any of the magnetism.

Pole and field identification

The accessories in this section are designed to help you identify the polarity of unmarked magnets.

Magnet selection packs

Each of our different variety packs contain a selection of different sizes and thicknesses and make an ideal gift.

Magnetic clips and plastic hooks

Our clips and hooks look great on any noticeboard, whiteboard or fridge. You can even use them to hang decorations.

Magnetic name badges

An alternative to pin badges these magnetic name badges are stylish and professional.

Pot and channel magnets

Designed to provide the ultimate clamping force. Pot and channel magnets are made from ferrite or neodymium with an outer steel casing.

Diametrically magnetised magnets

These magnets are magnetised with the north and south pole on the curved face and are most often used to provide rotational movement.

Araldite and Loctite

You can stick magnets to almost any non-magnetic surface such as wood or plastic using strong adhesive. These are some of the best.

Magnetic gifts and gadgets

Magnetic gifts are great for the budding scientist, craft enthusiast or DIY-mad Dad. Browse all our great gifts and gadgets here.

Novelty magnets

Everyone loves novelty magnets. The products in this section would look great on any noticeboard or fridge.