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Magnets are all around us; they are used for everything from the heaviest duty manufacturing processes to miniature model making and everything in between. We have categorised our entire range into the following list of popular domestic, commercial and industrial applications to help you make the ideal choice for your purpose.

Craft and model making

Small and discreet magnets can help you get the most out of your craft and modelling creations. Here you will find a range of our smallest disc, rectangular, square or bar products.

Kitchens and fridges

Here you’ll find colourful, useful and versatile magnets ideally suited for fixing notes and drawings to your fridge plus assemblies specially designed for hanging kitchen utensils.

Magic and illusions

These high-performance magnets can be used to create spectacular magic tricks and illusions but we won’t tell you how. That’s a secret!

Magnetic separation

Food, recycling and chemical processing plants all use magnets to separate materials and prevent contamination. Here you will find our specific products for magnetic separation and filtration.

Magnetic therapy

Many people believe in the health and wellbeing benefits of magnets. We don’t have any evidence to prove the medical benefit, but if you are interested in magnetic therapy take a look here.

Office and noticeboards

Everything you need to assemble and accessorise a magnetic noticeboard for your office, study or classroom.

POS and retail display

Magnets are a vital component of point of sale retail displays. Our huge selection of speciality products includes strong, flexible, rubber-coated and hook-shaped magnets.

Recovery and retrieval

Recovering ferrous items is a task made easier using strong magnets. You will find our strongest magnets and assemblies (up to 150kg pull) made for recovery and retrieval here.

Reed switches

Reed switches rely on permanent magnets to activate them. The ideal magnet for activating a reed switch depends on the sensor’s specifications but here you’ll find some popular types.

Science and education

A selection of educational magnets and accessories for use in the classroom. Ideal for teaching young people about physics.

Signage and vehicle

Magnetic sheet, tapes and assemblies for creating and fixing professional vehicle, shop and warehouse signage.

Water conditioning

Easy to fit, easy to use magnetic assemblies for conditioning and treating water with strong magnets.

Wind turbines and generators

Wind turbines rely on strong permanent magnets to generate electricity. Our selection of wind turbine magnets are suitable for large-scale wind farms and DIY projects.

Workshops and warehouses

From creating signage to organising tools and stock, whatever you produce and store in your workshop or warehouse you’ll find this collection of products useful.