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Ferrous (Magnetic) Sheets & Tapes A4 Sheet

Create a surface magnets will attract to with our ferrous sheets and tapes! Although they are not magnets themselves, magnets will instantly attract to them. Fix them in place with a convenient self-adhesive backing and create noticeboards, fixing points, signage and displays, with ease.

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3 Items
  • FerroFlex® A4 Flexible Ferrous Sheet - Self-Adhesive / Chalkboard
  • FerroFlex® Ultra A4 Flexible Ferrous Sheet - Cling / Gloss White Dry-Wipe
  • FerroFlex® A4 Flexible Ferrous Sheet - 3M™ Self-Adhesive / Gloss White

Ferrous sheets and tapes are not magnets; instead they provided a surface that magnets stick to very well. All of the items in this range have premium 3M self-adhesive on one side making it easy to stick them to surfaces that are not magnetic, quickly creating a magnetically attractive surface in places which were non-magnetic before.

For example, ferrous or steel tape is ideal for running around a wall so that magnets can be used to hang various items. While large ferrous sheets, used with magnetic dry-wipe labels are perfect for creating magnetic leader boards. Ferrous tape is a flexible rubber material that is infused with steel particles, while steel tape is very thinly rolled steel and although it is just 0.4mm thick it will give you a better attraction than ferrous tape.