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Using Magnets For Model Making & Engineering

Magnets have worked their way into the model making world and have become a staple to many model makers, used for holding parts and completed models together – making them an extremely useful aid during the construction of these masterpieces! From model trains, railways, Warhammer and planes, we have covered them all! So if you would like to check out more of our model magnet applications click here! Magnets are useful for all types of models. In particular our experts have requests from a large amount of train enthusiasts. The... Read More


Using Magnets In Scrapbooking & Paper Craft

With over 4% of the United States population having done traditional scrapbooking, it is considered one of the most popular crafts in the nation. One of our customers who is the founder of Dawn’s Inspirations, a website that provides expert craft tutorials and workshops for making scrapbooks, photo albums shared their amazing scrapbook creations with us, all with the use of magnets! With a YouTube channel and subscribers from all across the world, their love for teaching others the art of craft and scrapbooking is above and beyond. With multiple... Read More


How To Create Photo Displays With Magnets

Looking to display those precious memories, but do not want to hammer into your walls and furniture? Well we have the perfect solution for you, all with the help of magnets! Below, we will demonstrate how to create magnetic photo frames and apply them to your walls to create beautiful displays that can be updated and re-arranged instantly. To start, we are going to create a magnetic fixing point against your wall. For this, you will need a circular disc magnet with a self-adhesive backing, like the ND20015NA-LM-4. Please note,... Read More

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Creating A Model Railway Coupler With Magnets

Ever wondered how you can successfully couple and decouple your model railway carriages whilst they are in transit? At FIRST4MAGNETS we receive a ton of phone calls and emails from model railway enthusiasts asking how they can use magnets to enhance their models! With an abundance of enquiries regarding magnets and model railway couplings, we decided to create our very own solution to recommend to our model railway enthusiasts! Searching across the web can produce a handful of tutorials on showing how you can use magnets in your railways to... Read More


Wakey wakey, rise and shine – How to fix light seepage with magnets!

Everyone loves a good nights sleep, and there is nothing worse than when this is disrupted, especially if it is from light seeping through your curtains at 6AM! Sleep plays a vital role in everyone’s life, sleep is involved in healing and repair of your heart and blood vessels. It can also help improve mental/physical health and helps support a healthy brain function to make you more productive throughout the day. So why let the things like your curtains get in the way of this? Especially since this can be... Read More


Using Magnets & SteelFlex® To Display Artwork

Painting, printing, sketching, these are all amazing skill to have. However, the finished result can take a very long time. So once you have completed your pieces you are going to want to hang them up, aren’t you? Your work is your pride, so why would you want to use pins and hooks that could damage your work in the long run. Well, we recently heard from one of our customers who created the perfect solution to end all damaged artwork! The customer who sent this is is an artist... Read More

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Revolutionise Your Warhammer With Magnets!

Ever heard of Warhammer? Warhammer is an extremely popular game which is played across the globe and small Neodymium magnets are being used within their small models more than ever! At FIRST4MAGNETS our experts receive a vast amount of calls and emails from our customers regarding utilising small magnets within their Warhammer models. By using small Neodymium magnets in Warhammer models, it allows for the models to have detachable components. So if you are a fan of Warhammer or want to learn more, carry on reading to see how one... Read More



Your leg bone connected to your knee bone. Your knee bone connected to your thigh bone… You get the gist. Magnets are commonly used as a teaching aid or taught in science at high school. They can also be used to attach and hold things into place, and this is exactly what a science teacher has used our magnets for. They used our magnets to connect their demonstration dummy’s body parts together. Originally the dummy was connected together with plastic pins, which kept snapping and breaking. They were looking for... Read More

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Stopping Light Seepage In RV’s Using Magnets

We are often questioned on how people can stop light coming through their RV’s, especially during the summer months with early sunrises. We had recently heard from two of our customers who were looking to solve this issue. The solution to this issue – creating their own magnetic blinds to kick out the light! Like many RV and campervan owners, our customers had a true passion for motorhomes and emailed in some great photos! Light seepage is a common problem that many motorhome users run into. Manufactured and fitted with... Read More

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Attaching RV awning with magnets!

There are multiple methods for securing an awning to your RV, campervan or motorhome depending on your style of fixing. Most of these include C rails, J rails and gutters primarily for diverting rainwater. However, most of these fixtures require additional attachments such as clamps, poles and bolts! Plus if you do not have rails installed on your RV, it can become a costly job to get them installed! An alternative that most of our camping customers settle for is magnets! One of our customers approached us informing that they... Read More