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Magnets for model trains 14/02/2023

Using Magnets On Model Trains

Magnets can be used in several ways in model making and we love seeing how our customers use our magnets in their hobby! Recently one customer, Ken, kindly got in touch to show how our magnets can be used on model trains.

Magnetic Advent Calendar 01/12/2022

Make Your Own Magnetic Advent Calendar

Advent is a time of expectance, excitement, and preparation ahead of the celebrations of the Nativity of Jesus in the Christian calendar. It is also a time when excited children open a door on their Advent calendars every day, usually to retrieve small chocolates, and gifts or uncover traditional Nativity images.

oven door magnet 17/10/2022

Oven Door Magnets

Replacing kitchen appliances when they break can be a costly exercise. Fixing faulty or broken appliances can also be very expensive and time-consuming.