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POS & Retail Magnetic Display 25/02/2022

Create Engaging POS Displays With Magnetic Hooks

POS (Point of Sale) signage and displays are a pivotal part of any retail space, providing an eye-catching visual to entice customers and attract interest. Often the most difficult part of this is finding a suitable fixing method for hanging material that allows the user to easily change and update, whilst knowing that the signage/display is held securely in place.

Magnetic Photo Display 19/02/2021

How To Create Photo Displays With Magnets

Looking to display those precious memories, but do not want to hammer into your walls and furniture? Well we have the perfect solution for you, all with the help of magnets! Below, we will demonstrate how to create magnetic photo frames and apply them to your walls to create beautiful displays that can be updated and re-arranged instantly. To start, we are going to create a magnetic fixing point against your wall. For this, you will need a circular disc magnet with a self-adhesive backing, like the ND20015NA-LM-4. Please note,... Read More

Artwork display Magnets 12/02/2021

Using Magnets & SteelFlex® To Display Artwork

Painting, printing, sketching, these are all amazing skill to have. However, the finished result can take a very long time. So once you have completed your pieces you are going to want to hang them up, aren’t you? Your work is your pride, so why would you want to use pins and hooks that could damage your work in the long run. Well, we recently heard from one of our customers who created the perfect solution to end all damaged artwork! The customer who sent this is is an artist... Read More

shop display magnet 08/01/2019

Shop Display Sign Magnets

Advertising your business on the high street amongst the hustle and bustle of busy shoppers can be difficult.  Marco from London contacted us to tell us how he has used our magnets to quickly change his shop signage throughout a day’s trading.

Modern Art Magnet Display 18/09/2017

Modern Artwork Display Magnets

Using magnets to display artwork in galleries and exhibitions around the world is now becoming increasingly popular among artists and exhibition curators.  Magnets provide the ability to suspend artwork on any surface without the need of adding or creating any hard permanent fixtures.

Display Magnets 16/05/2017

Display Magnets – Korbond

Using magnets in exhibitions or product displays is very common to use for magnets. Magnets provide display and industrial companies with the ability to easily suspend or support a variety of objects in place without the need to create permanent fixtures and fittings.