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Wedding Magnet Hack 20/05/2022

Wedding Buttonholes Attached Using Magnets

On your wedding day, it is the small but vital details that add up to make your day so special. One of those finer details is the buttonholes for the bridal party and groomsmen. Traditionally, a florist providing buttonholes will supply a safety pin or needle-style pin to attach them.

Hook Magnets for BBQ 25/04/2022
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Magnetic Hooks For Your BBQ

Barbecue season is that glorious time of the year when the weekday evenings get longer and the scent of freshly-cut grass and chargrilled meat fills the air. As you dust off the trusty grill for another summer of faithful service, consider a magnetic upgrade for your favorite utensils.

Alterted Clothing 18/04/2022
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Magnets Make Clothing Alterations Possible

Just like people, clothing comes in all shapes and sizes, but for people with a disability or restricted movement due to old age, sometimes regular clothing just isn’t suitable. In situations like this, adaptive clothing is required. Thankfully, there is Dressability. A UK charity based in Swindon who, thanks to their team of supremely talented seamstresses, are able to adapt regular clothing for people of all ages or with physical and learning disabilities at a fraction of the cost of regular alterations and improving upon much of the adaptive clothing... Read More