Craft Magnets

Magnetic Scoreboard 27/03/2022

Create Your Own Magnetic Scoreboard

The majority of sports and competitive games will require a scoreboard, and there is a range of different scoreboards available in a number of sports and games. But are they as convenient as an interactive magnetic scoreboard?

Doll House Furniture 21/03/2022

Keeping A Doll House Wardrobe Closed With Magnets

Over the past year with restrictions put in place to keep us safe, many people have had time to pick up a new hobby or give their hand to some DIY, one parent and customer have gotten into touch showing us the extra steps they have taken to make an amazing addition to their daughter’s doll house.

Magnetic Leather Tassels 10/01/2022

Creating Magnetic Leather Tassels

Fashion is constantly changing, and new trends come and go but being bold with accessories has always been in style, and what’s better than your own custom accessories designed to perfectly match your outfit.

Magnetic Slopes 13/12/2021

Using FerroFlex® To Hit The Slopes

Getting into the spirit of things, we thought we would share with you a Christmas-themed customer application! We are amazed by all the creative and crafty ways our customers utilize our magnets, and this one is certainly getting everyone in the Christmas spirit!