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Is It 'Time' To Use Some Magnets? 02/08/2021
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Is It ‘Time’ To Use Some Magnets?

When you delve into the world of magnets, it is truly fascinating what you can achieve. Mr. Andrews had a vision of a completely unique clock. He wanted to create a clock that was reminiscent of 17th-century clockwork with an unusual twist… a floating turtle, who tells the time.

Magnetic Tote Bags 29/03/2021

Create A Closing Tote Bag With Magnets

Struggling to find something for a friend, family member, sister who love to shop? Don’t panic. We have put together a quick and easy homemade gift idea for any last minute present buying! Home gifts enable you to add personal touches, making the recipient feel extra special. Our 20mm (0.79″) diameter x 2mm (0.08″) thick N35 Neodymium Magnet – 2.3kg (5.07lbs) Pull are perfect for sewing into the top of the fabric of tote bags, to keep them securely closed. This will help protect their shopping on those rainy days!... Read More

Magnetic Marble Run 03/03/2021

Create Your Own Magnetic Marble Run

We have always believed that magnets provide one of the best ways to have fun. We recently received an email from one of our customers which we certainly think proves this!’ Our customer was a painter and decorator who was commissioned to build an exhibition. The summer exhibition was named Marble Mania! Marble Mania was designed to be a collaborative project from the Neotists, a creative company in St Neots. This project was supported with a grant from Cambridge Community Reach fund and offered as its main feature a giant... Read More