Craft Magnets

Compass 24/11/2020

Magnets Make Bespoke Cards Possible

When the technicians at FIRST4MAGNETS were contacted by designer card makers Hupa Lupa, imaginations ran wild. We are delighted to say that Hupa Lupa chose to use some of our magnets to create their range of unique cards and gifts.

Race Number 13/08/2020

Using Magnets To Attach Your Race Number

f you are an avid athlete or charity runner who has previously entered a race, you will have had the experience of struggling with safety pins to attach your allocated number to your vest, shirt, or jersey.

Magnetic Car Cover 25/11/2019

Magnetic Car Cover

Clearing frost on your car during the winter months is an unwelcome task and the last thing you want to spend time doing as you leave the cozy warmth of your house to head to work or drop the kids off at school.

Coat Rack Magnet 08/11/2019

Coat Rack Magnets

Keeping important information, shopping lists, notes, and photographs near the front door is an excellent idea for individuals and families living life in the fast lane.

ceramic fridge magnet 08/11/2019

Ceramic Fridge Magnets

Creating your own fridge magnets can be a great, fun home project. Why not treat your friends or family to a hand-made fridge magnet? Rosemary Smith from Manning Tree kindly sent us an email explaining her take on the traditional homemade fridge magnets.

Magnetic Desktop Cable Tie 27/09/2019
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Magnetic Desktop Cable Tie

If like many computer users you keep a degree of computer and laptop cables floating around your desktop, you know just how easy it is for them to disappear down the back into the unknown.  Tim from Cambridge contacted us to tell us about his ingenious solution to this age-old problem

Magnetic Hooks 14/07/2019

Magnetic Hooks for Jewellery

Making the most of space is important to any homeowner, have you ever had a small cupboard or drawing and wondered how to make the most of it? Or do you have a large range of jewelry and wondered how to store it safely?