Craft Magnets

Mould Magnet 08/02/2019

Silicon Mould Magnets

We recently received an email from one of our customers explaining how they had introduced magnets into a part of their silicon mould production process.

Magnetic Picture Frame 11/01/2019
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Magnetic Picture Frames

Hanging picture frames with magnets sounds like it might be a difficult task. Why not use a traditional picture hook or nail you might ask? Well one of our customers, Nicola from Manchester, might just be able to answer that question for you!

shop display magnet 08/01/2019

Shop Display Sign Magnets

Advertising your business on the high street amongst the hustle and bustle of busy shoppers can be difficult.  Marco from London contacted us to tell us how he has used our magnets to quickly change his shop signage throughout a day’s trading.

Frame Magnets 08/08/2018
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Frame Magnets

Using magnets in artwork, art installations and art sculptures are becoming increasingly popular. With the size of magnets becoming smaller and their strength becoming greater magnets are a great solution for artists to improve and adapt their artwork.

Magnetic Photo Box 08/04/2018

Photographic Box Magnets

Keeping your photos safe and in good condition is important to almost everyone. With so many digital cameras and printers now available it is easy to lose track of all those found family photographs and fun holiday moments.