Craft Magnets

Push Pin Magnet 07/04/2018

Push Pin Magnet

What are Pin Magnets? When Deb from Harrogate first contacted us to tell us about her magnet application it was difficult to fully understand how Deb was using the magnets she had purchased from us.

Magnetic Letterpress 08/03/2018

Galley Magnets – Letterpress Printing

Technology for printing on magnetic sheets and onto magnetic surfaces is now very common and readily available across the world. Digital photo printing can be done with the touch of a button over the internet and from any computer or smartphone device. 

Photo Fridge Magnets 09/10/2017

Photo Fridge Magnets

Creating your own fridge magnets is a great fun home project and a way to turn old and new photographs into keepsakes. We speak to customers on a weekly basis who are interested in creating fridge magnets for professional uses and hobbies.

Magnetic Cards 09/05/2017

Magnetic Cards

Magnetic Cards are becoming increasingly popular over time. Each year we receive hundreds of enquiries about printing onto magnetic card, sheets, and tapes for personal and professional applications.

Magnet Paint Stand 09/03/2017

Modern Model Paint Stand

If you are a model builder, model painter, or general model enthusiast you will know that selecting the right paint for your project at hand is vital. With so many colors and shades of paint to choose from selecting the right one is important.

Map Pin Magnets 21/01/2017

Map Magnets

A large wall map can be a great place to keep track of all your family holidays and vacations, or even help plan your next. Traditionally blue tack or metal push pins have been the favourite tool for marking places on a wall map. We were very pleased when our customer John contacted us from Derbyshire to tell us how he had come up with a new method of using magnets to keep track of his family holidays. John had ordered our F4M16 Traditional Map pin magnets to easily mark... Read More