Educational Applications

Magnetic Testing 04/05/2021

Ways To Test The Magnetic Force

A member of our team had their family over from Tokyo, and their uncle, Mr. Twohig, a teacher of Science at St. Mary’s International School, was looking for educational materials to take back to his school in Japan.



Your leg bone connected to your knee bone. Your knee bone connected to your thigh bone… You get the gist. Magnets are commonly used as a teaching aid or taught in science at high school. They can also be used to attach and hold things into place, and this is exactly what a science teacher has used our magnets for. They used our magnets to connect their demonstration dummy’s body parts together. Originally the dummy was connected together with plastic pins, which kept snapping and breaking. They were looking for... Read More

Modern Maglev Track 24/06/2020

Modern Maglev Toys

MagLev is a term used to describe a newly developed form of transportation. They are very similar to trains. MagLev transportation uses magnets to guide, direct and help accelerate train-like carriages over long distances. MagLev trains can reach impressive speeds of up to 300 miles per hour.

Magnetic Putty 07/02/2020

Magnetic Science Putty

We all know that Science Putty fascinates children and adults alike with its ability to be manipulated in many different ways; stretched, bounced, ripped, etc. It was only a matter of time before people started to look to enhance Science Putty further and make it magnetic!

Theatre Box 05/01/2020

Magnets For Learning

Magnets are a fundamental part of schools across the UK. You can find magnets everywhere; on magnetic whiteboards, staff room fridges, in the science laboratory, lunch boxes, and classroom teaching aids. Magnets feature heavily in most school syllabuses.