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Speaker Light covered by a magnet 25/04/2022


Sitting down to watch the latest rom-com or that super scary horror movie you’ve heard about can be some of the best times, but could you imagine having a bright white LED light right beneath your television screen, unfortunately, this was the exact situation our customer Dave found himself in.

DIY Magnetic Storage Box 07/02/2022
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DIY Magnetic Storage Box

Looking after your tools is important, they are a man’s best friend when it comes to DIY and could you imagine anything worse than losing, misplacing or potentially breaking your best friend. Well, Gavin couldn’t and has got in touch to show us how he is safely and correctly storing his tools using magnets.

Magnetic Spice Rack 17/03/2021
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Create your own Magnetic Spice Rack!

Magnets are useful all over the home, particularly in the kitchen. For example, magnetic knife racks and magnetic cupboard and drawer closures are not uncommon. They can even be used to keep oven doors firmly shut and of course, every fridge has a magnetic flexible rubber seal. Another use of magnets in the kitchen is for creating a magnetic spice rack to keep all those spices neatly organized and accessible. We were delighted to receive these pictures from our UK customer, Mike, who had created this wonderful example of a magnetic spice rack. You can clearly... Read More

Scrapbooking Magnets 24/02/2021

Using Magnets In Scrapbooking & Paper Craft

With over 4% of the United States population having done traditional scrapbooking, it is considered one of the most popular crafts in the nation. One of our customers who is the founder of Dawn’s Inspirations, a website that provides expert craft tutorials and workshops for making scrapbooks, photo albums shared their amazing scrapbook creations with us, all with the use of magnets! With a YouTube channel and subscribers from all across the world, their love for teaching others the art of craft and scrapbooking is above and beyond. With multiple... Read More

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Stopping Light Seepage In RV’s Using Magnets

We are often questioned on how people can stop light coming through their RV’s, especially during the summer months with early sunrises. We had recently heard from two of our customers who were looking to solve this issue. The solution to this issue – creating their own magnetic blinds to kick out the light! Like many RV and campervan owners, our customers had a true passion for motorhomes and emailed in some great photos! Light seepage is a common problem that many motorhome users run into. Manufactured and fitted with... Read More

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Keep the chill out with magnets!

As the colder winter months draw in, the temperature drops, and frost in the Northern parts of the USA start to appear, the winter weather can make your home colder than normal. With temperatures falling, our experts are frequently asked about winter-based applications. In particular, how can I achieve a warmer home with secondary glazing and magnets? If you are unaware, secondary glazing provides a more cost-effective solution to double glazing and is something that you are able to install yourselves! Continue reading if you would like to se how... Read More