Create Your Own Marble Run With Magnets!

We strongly believe that you can have fun with magnets! We recently received an email from one of our customers, Ed, who proves this.

He has recently been working on the Marble Mania summer exhibition at St Neots Museum. Marble Mania is a collaborative project from The Neotists, a local creative community in St Neots.

The project is supported by a grant from the Cambridge Community Reach fund. Ed is a local painter and decorator who was commissioned to build the exhibition.

The main feature was a giant interactive marble run, which was built using our very own countersink Neodymium magnets. The project is to encourage children and young people to explore science, technology, and mechanics through play.

Ed applied a countersunk magnet to either end of the wooden colored bars. This ensured the bars would hold steady when the marbles were dropped onto them, whilst allowing them to be easily detached and moved around if required.

He then used a router to make a rounded groove in the bars, so that the marbles would run on the top surface of the bars.

As you can see, magnets provide endless possibilities for creative and fun applications!

We supply a wide range of magnetic fixing options to suit any form of display or exhibition. If you require any further information or have a query regarding your own exhibition projects, feel free to contact one of our Experts today at

We would like to thank Ed for taking the time to send over his pictures and videos, we hope we can help him with further projects in the future!

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