Galley Magnets – Letterpress Printing

Technology for printing on magnetic sheets and onto magnetic surfaces is now very common and readily available across the world. Digital photo printing can be done with the touch of a button over the internet and from any computer or smartphone device. 

With so many ways to get your photos, artwork and posters printed how do you ensure that the product you receive will stand out from the crowd?

Gordon from Cambridgeshire contacted to tell us how he had used our magnets to print a poster for a local choral society event using a traditional printing method of letterpress printing.

Using our ferrite channel magnets Gordon was able to easily position characters, letters, and symbols and securely keep them in place during the printing process.

Using our channel magnets as galley magnets meant Gordon was able to produce a final printed product of 40” by 12”.  We think Gordon’s final print looks absolutely fantastic and we would like to thank him for sharing his magnet application with us.

Galley Magnets - Letterpress Printing
Galley Magnets - Letterpress Printing

A great photo showing the completed piece of work.

Galley Magnets - Letterpress Printing

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