How To Use Magnets In Scrapbooking and Paper Craft

Dawn is an expert crafter and founder of Dawn’s Inspirations, a website that provides expert craft tutorials and workshops for creating scrapbooks photo albums, greeting cards, and more.

Dawn has attracted subscribers from all over the world and they are always keen to know where she gets her supplies from so we thought we would tell you more.

Her website says her love of all things craft comes from her parents who always encouraged her ‘to have a go. Well, we are thrilled they did Dawn because we love your crafty creations. Dawn has created wonderful, easy-to-follow tutorials for her avid crafters giving advice on how to use magnets in her tutorials, which you can see below:

Dawn’s latest craft project using magnets shows you how to create your own Year Book that can hold over 250 photos and other keepsakes. You can follow the tutorial video here, Dawn is much better at describing how to make the book than we are!

When we spoke to Dawn, we asked her what her top tips are for using magnets for craft projects. Dawn’s top tips are:

  • Choose the right strength – First4magnets give all their magnets a pull strength. This is the amount of weight the magnet will support in direct contact with a steel surface. For most paper craft projects you won’t need stronger than 1kg pull strength magnets. However, you need to remember that if they are working through layers of paper or card their strength will be reduced. I use 12mm diameter x 1mm thick neodymium magnets for most of my projects.
  • Choose the right thickness of magnet – First4Magnets offer a great variety of thicknesses. I always use a 1mm thickness as this can be hidden behind the paper or card without being seen. A lot of craft magnets on the market do not come in this thickness but first4magnets do and this is why I always recommend them to my craft followers.
  • Choose the right poles – Self-adhesive magnets are great for craft projects, but you need to remember that all magnets have two poles, a north pole, and a south pole. Opposite poles attract and like poles repel, so when using self-adhesive magnets you need a north variety and a south variety to attract together.
  • Use a steel disc rather than two magnets – If you need to keep your costs down, you can use a magnet and a steel disc, rather than two magnets. However, the attraction will be slightly weaker if the magnet is attracted to the steel disc through a gap rather than another magnet.

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