Keep the chill out with magnets!

As the colder winter months draw in, the temperature drops, and frost in the Northern parts of the USA start to appear, the winter weather can make your home colder than normal. With temperatures falling, our experts are frequently asked about winter-based applications. In particular, how can I achieve a warmer home with secondary glazing and magnets? If you are unaware, secondary glazing provides a more cost-effective solution to double glazing and is something that you are able to install yourselves! Continue reading if you would like to se how we have put together a simple step by step guide for you to make your home warmer this winter! To follow along with the steps all you are going to need is our FerroFlex®, MagFlex® tapes and a plastic sheet.

Benefits Include:

Follow the step by step guide

Step One

Make sure your plastic sheet will
fit and cover the full width
and length of your chosen window.

Step Two

Then simply measure and cut the
self-adhesive MagFlex® tapeto the size of your plastic sheet. 

Step Three

Stick the self-adhesive MagFlex® tape around the edge of your plastic sheet. 

Step Four

Repeat this process with the FerroFlex® tape around the window frame. Our FerroFlex® tapeshave a gloss white finish, providing a clean aesthetic when applied to your window. 

Step Five

Allow the tapes to secure separately for 24-32 hours before applying to each other. 

Step Six

Simply apply the plastic sheet to your window frame. You now have your own secondary glazing at a fraction of the cost!

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