The use of magnets does not need to be complicated. In fact, some of the simple ideas are the best ones! Recently we helped a customer with a simple home DIY trick for their tumble dryer door. Their tumble dryer sits on top of their washing machine and the door to the dryer kept closing whilst they were loading and unloading from the machine. They needed a solution to keep the door open when required. The customer advised the team that their dryer door was made from chrome plastic, which means the door wouldn’t be magnetic.

The solution:

Appliance Door Magnets

The customer purchased:

Appliance Door Magnets

25mm (0.98″) diameter x 2mm (0.08″) thick N42 Neodymium Adhesive Magnet

They stuck our self-adhesive disc magnet to the tumble dryer door and super glued a piece of steel to their cupboard door. Alternatively you could use an adhesive steel disc on the cupboard door. Shop here: 20mm (0.79″) diameter x 2mm (0.08″) thick Nickel Plated Mild Steel Disc with 3M™ Self Adhesive.

The tumble dryer door can now be held open when needed and they can load and empty with ease, without the two doors banging together.

See their application in action:

Simple, yet effective! The customer also expressed the relief of frustration from them nuisance doors, which has resulted in a much happier household! We would like to thank our lovely customer for sending this application to us and are happy to see our magnets has helped.

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