Bronzer and eye shadow palettes have become a must have item in many make-up collections. We recently heard from one of our customers who had a great idea of creating her own magnetic bronzer and eye palette, which would allow her to magnetically attach her bronzer and eye shadow palettes, so they held securely in place.

For this application, our customer used:

  • Ruler
  • Box
  • Craft knife
  •  Glue
  • Magnetic sheet
  • Self-adhesive steel discs
  • A collection of her favorite bronzers and eye shadows.

Then follow these easy steps…

Step 1.

With a ruler measure the size of your box. Then mark out the box measurements on the magnetic sheet.

Step 2.

Next use the craft knife to carefully cut the magnetic sheet.

Step 3.

Apply some glue to the inside of your box and with the magnetic side facing up place the cut out magnetic sheet on to the glue. Leave the box until its dry.

Step 4.

Next peel and stick the adhesive steel discs to the backs of your bronzers and eye shadows. Leave the adhesive to cure for 24-32 hours.

Step 5.

Then simply open the box and place your make-up inside the box. The magnets will then attract to the magnetic sheet inside of the box.

Magnetic Makeup Pallet

As demonstrated from the pictures the application was a success and the end result turned out pretty cool! The combination of the magnetic sheet and steel discs allow the make-up to be interchangeable, allowing you to change your palettes with new shades and products with ease. We would like to thank our customer for sharing their application with us. Are you currently working on a project or need some advice? Our team would love to hear from you! Contact our experts on: 800-917-0841 or email at  

Products used:

Magnetic Makeup Pallet

MagFlex® A4 Flexible Magnetic Sheet

Magnetic Makeup Pallet

16mm (0.63″) diameter x 2mm (0.08″) thick Nickel Plated Mild Steel Disc with 3M™ Self Adhesive

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