Magnetic Cards

Magnetic Cards are becoming increasingly popular over time. Each year we receive hundreds of enquiries about printing onto magnetic card, sheets, and tapes for personal and professional applications.

This year we were contacted by one of our customers, Stein in Norway. Stein had ordered some of our magnets to create a concept for a “Postcard sticker magnet”. Stein hoped our magnets would allow postcards to be easily stuck onto fridges and magnetic surfaces.

Magnetic Cards

Did you know… If you have postcards from friends and family you too can easily make these magnetic to stick onto the front of your fridge. We have a great range of powerful neodymium magnets and cost-effective magnetic sheets that are both ideal for making your fridge magnets.

We would like to thank Stein for taking the time to tell us about his unique magnet application and for haring the product design with us.

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