Using Magnets For Model Making & Engineering

Magnets have worked their way into the model making world and have become a staple to many model makers, used for holding parts and completed models together – making them an extremely useful aid during the construction of these masterpieces! From model trains, railways, Warhammer and planes, we have covered them all! So if you would like to check out more of our model magnet applications click here!

Magnets are useful for all types of models. In particular our experts have requests from a large amount of train enthusiasts. The application photos below are demonstrating how our 0.31″ diameter x 0.2″ thick N42 Neodymium Magnet – (4.19lbs) Pull magnets are being used by a member of the Guildford Model Engineering Society.

This customer was in the midst of constructing a small-scale steam locomotive when they approached us to find out a solution to help hold a vital piece of their model whilst they drilled the component in its original place. For our US customers we would recommend using four of our 0.31″ diameter x 0.2″ thick N42 Neodymium Magnets to hold a thin steel plate to the coupling rods and the coupling rods to the locomotive chassis.

Model Trains Magnets
Model Trains Magnets

In the images above the magnets may appear damaged. However, this is not the case! What is happening is in fact a trick of the camera. Rather, the magnets have been covered in the fragments of the metal that has been dispersed during the drilling process. Therefore, minimizing mess and ensuring any unwanted debris does not cause excessive damage to other parts of the model. This is one of that many amazing uses of magnets in model and manufacturing applications!

As you can see from the photos above, the model locomotive is really taking shape and by using our magnets as a construction aid the customer has saved themselves plenty of time while ensuring that the coupling rod is fitted perfectly.

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