Magnets For Model Planes

Whether it’s a controlled or sudden landing, there is a great impact on model planes when this occurs. Many model makers look for a secure structure to ensure their models are protected when landing, and one of our customers, Tim, was looking for this exact solution.

He informed our team that he was gluing the wings of the plane onto the main structure, and when the model landed after the flight, the wings were breaking off on impact.

After speaking with our Sales Advisor, Nathan, Tim purchased F331-50 – 3mm dia x 1mm thick N42 Neodymium Magnet – 0.19kg Pull (Pack of 50). As the magnets are small in size, they can be perfectly hidden within models, and the 0.19kg provides a secure hold for the wooden wing whilst in flight.

Tim used our magnets to attach the wings to the body of the plane, providing a secure hold during flight. You can see from the image and video below how the wing is attached and removed easily.

Tim used six magnets in total to attach his wing, with three on the wing, and three in corresponding positions on the back of the plane.

Magnet for model plane.

The result is that when the plane then lands on the ground, the magnets allow the wings to disconnect safely which prevents them from breaking. Tim also provided us with a video of the model plane in action.

As you can see the plane can pick up some speed! We would like to thank Tim for sending in his pictures and videos, we are happy to see the application was a success! We have an extensive range of magnets that work perfectly for craft and model making.

If you have any images of your craft application that you would like to share with us, please feel free to send them to  

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